Esperia’s mainland as viewed from the world map. The capital of Ranhorn is visible towards the northeast.

The Land of Esperia is a vast realm divided into two main islands, through which serve as the primary setting for AFK Arena. It is home to the many creatures of life, including the common people and mythical beings such as the dwarves, co-existing with the iconic six factions: The Lightbearers, Maulers, Graveborns, Wilders, Celestials, and Hypogeans.

Esperia currently has 34 regions which serve as an individual “chapter” placeholders for the game campaign, and frequently expands as more lands are continuously discovered. The realm is home to various towns and kingdoms each situated in their respective regions/chapters, notably the bustling capital of Ranhorn City. Presently, it is under the threat of the evil Hypogean forces led by Annih, the God of Death, after breaking out of the sealed Barred Gate.


Esperia comprises of two main islands, which are divided by a large body of water between the two landmasses. The first island (mainland) extends through the north and bounds Chapters 1-20, whereas the latter island spreads throughout the south and is home to Chapters 21-34 which continues to expand as more lands are discovered. Being surrounded by large bodies of water along with the smaller islands within the country, it is classified as a peninsula.

Topography of the country is very vast in nature, some of which have been formed naturally or manipulated by the Hypogean forces. Lush forests, scorching deserts, mountains and cold fronts, volcanic features, and many other landforms scatter throughout the Esperia, each of which are commonly associated with their respective chapters.

History and Notable Chapters

View of map near the heart of Esperia‘s main island. The historical chapters of The Ancient Ruins and the infamous Barred Gate are visible near the center.

Origins of the Land of Esperia revolve around a handful of legends which have been passed down by generations, all which commonly derived from respective regions. With 34 different and unique chapters, Esperia is home to a number of landmarks which contain valuable legends of the realm’s history.

At Chapter 12, The Ancient Ruins, it has been believed that Honas, the God of Creation, was first to don the land before his departure “gave birth to earth, bone to rock, blood to lava and his coarse hair, the trees”. This sacred land is also said to be the birthplace of Dura, the Goddess of Life, and Annih, the God of Death, which have led to the construction of a praying temple at the region until its demise when the jealous God rebelled towards his life-creating sister.

With the onslaught of Annih’s creation of the Hypogeans, another notable location is The Barred Gate at Chapter 20, believed to be “the source of greed, jealousy and loathing in the world”. Being another important location, The Barred Gate got its name after it was sealed by Dura many millenia ago after the great invasion. Presently after centuries of being locked away, the Hypogeans broke out of the seal, and have returned to wreak havoc of Esperia.

In present day, Ranhorn City, the ancestral home of the Lightbearers, serves as the evident in-game capital of Esperia, home to the players’ assets and their respective guilds. Being the first chapter, it is where the main buildings for player development and ascension are located. Notable landmarks include: The Noble Tavern, Guildhall, Temple of Ascension, Library, Store, Rickety Cart, Wall of Legends, and the Resonating Crystal.

Kuilin City is recognized as Esperia’s capital of arts. Opera, painting, and music blend together harmoniously to create the city’s atmosphere, giving rise to countless artforms and great fame, becoming a resplendent jewel in the field of the arts.

List of Chapters/Regions

Esperia is presently subdivided into 34 different regions, each of which act as "chapter" placeholders in the game campaign. Each of the chapters are listed below with its corresponding island group:

Mainland (Island 1/Main Island):

  • Chapter 1: Ranhorn City
  • Chapter 2: Bastion of the Elements
  • Chapter 3: Yggdrasil
  • Chapter 4: Tomb of the Ancients
  • Chapter 5: Desert Sanctuaries
  • Chapter 6: Mauler's Enclave
  • Chapter 7: Maldan
  • Chapter 8: King's Manse
  • Chapter 9: The Abandoned Port
  • Chapter 10: Island of the Banished
  • Chapter 11: Mire Town
  • Chapter 12: The Ancient Ruins
  • Chapter 13: The Old Mine
  • Chapter 14: Hoarfrost Ridge
  • Chapter 15: Abandonment
  • Chapter 16: The White Woods
  • Chapter 17: Esperance
  • Chapter 18: Monastery
  • Chapter 19: Sanctum
  • Chapter 20: The Barred Gate

Extended Island (Island 2):

  • Chapter 21: The Scorched Valley
  • Chapter 22: Dereliction
  • Chapter 23: The Dwarven Forge
  • Chapter 24: The Scalding Peaks
  • Chapter 25: Stormbreath Fortress
  • Chapter 26: Blazerock
  • Chapter 27: Preying Jungles
  • Chapter 28: The Standing Stones
  • Chapter 29: The Forbidden Temple
  • Chapter 30: The Decaying Port
  • Chapter 31: The Damned Cemetery
  • Chapter 32: Mycosprout Glade
  • Chapter 33: The Fallen Stones
  • Chapter 34: The Sunken Lands


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