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This Elijah & Lailah usage guide was uploaded and transcribed as of Patch 1.66.

Hero Usage Guide

Hero Overview

Being two heroes combined into one, Elijah & Lailah are unique in their mechanics. In battle, Elijah lingers in the back row while Lailah moves into melee range to attack enemies. The two share a health pool, so as one loses health, so does the other.

These heroes are very useful in boss fights, even at just Elite tier. This is because they have the ability to link damage between allies in the front row, increasing the damage that the team's main damage dealers can output. In addition, Elijah & Lailah provide the team an extra increase in Haste and immunity.

Recommended Teams

At Mythic tier, Elijah & Lailah become a lot more relevant to aspects such as the Campaign and King's Tower. Due to their amazing support capacity, they can be placed into just about any team.

The following team is most recommended for Elijah & Lailah:

God Comp

There are many different compositions of this team, but the core members are Elijah & Lailah, Rowan, and Ezizh due to all three having the ability to increase the Haste or Energy of the team, allowing abilities to be cycled through with much more ease.

Talene can be replaced with Saurus as needed, as he synergizes well with the twin heroes due to him needing to avoid crowd control effects and cast abilities faster in order to heal his allies efficiently.

Hero Position Team Synergy

Upper Backline Ezizh's passive skill "Horrify" temporarily prevents the enemy from casting their ultimates. He also contributes to the team by boosting their Energy.

Center Backline

Elijah & Lailah
Lower Backline
Rowan Icon.png

Upper Frontline Rowan buffs his teams Energy.

Lower Frontline

Investment Worth

With their ability to support teammates and streamline boss battles, the twins are worth investing in. However, it may be more worth it to invest in another Celestial or a Hypogean first.


If the player chooses to invest in Elijah & Lailah first, they can sit comfortably at +20 upgrades for their Signature Item to received nice stat buffs while still remaining effective.

Heaven's Grace.png

Similarly, their furniture can sit at 3/9 mythic furniture pieces for a nice buff. 9/9 is a bit expensive, as other heroes can get better effects from their Hero Furniture Abilities.