The four playable Durri.

Durri are a sub-race of Ya, primarily living amongst the Maulers. There are currently four Durri playable in-game: Vurk, Skreg, Drez, and Kren. Though initially referred to as merely being a "tribe", they're confirmed to be their own species, at least in the English translation, by being listed as such on Kren's Wanted poster.

Though referred to as 鼠人 (Shǔ rén, "Ratmen") in China and ワーラット (Wāratto, "Wererats") in Japan, along with being pejoratively called "rats" or "mice" by characters such as Ankhira and Safiya, they physically have little in common with rats and are commonly mistaken for canines or mustelids by fans — likely the reason for their being reclassified as a separate, fictional rodent species in localization.

Durri are stated to be naturally timid, with those seeming to be missing the instinct entirely — most notably Vurk and Kren — being an extremely rare exception. Others who do have the trait, however, are sometimes able to consciously suppress it, through either great effort like Skreg or through necessity like Drez. Regardless, they are often looked down on and discriminated against by other Maulers for their natural disposition, to the point of being considered expendable by some such as the hunting group Drez was once part of. However, their reputation among most other Mauler tribes has improved in recent years after news of Vurk's escapades in Arachin territory spread.

They are pragmatic and adaptable, ambushing in large numbers to take down prey several times their size. There is evidence of their having a high mortality rate, as they're stated to breed very fast and generally have very little regard for familial relationships, typically considering themselves to be components in the whole of their colony. Even exceptions to this rule are limited to individuals; Vurk and Skreg, for example, are brothers that are affectionate towards each other, but though the existence of multiple other siblings is strongly implied by Vurk mentioning in Voyage of Wonders: The Fractured Gallery that Durri are born in litters, any other relatives are otherwise never acknowledged.

All known Durri have brown fur, large ears, and clawed hands and feet, and are on average about 1.4 meters (4'7") in height. They may or may not have tails, with Drez having a fluffy, highly-visible tail like a fox, Kren not having a tail at all, and Vurk having one that is never seen by the player. Whether or not Skreg has one is unknown.

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