Dolly is the barkeeper in The Noble Tavern. She helps the player summon new heroes and provides them with tips about factional advantages. Markiplier is the bartender that helps her.

Many of Dollys voice lines are references to upcoming events, heroes and features.


The Noble Tavern was established by Brewmaster Rigby Brown, however most of the year he is out travelling, in search of the best recipes to perfect his brews. His daughter Dolly manages the bar. Here, you can sip on tasty brews and meet with loyal companions. As Dolly keeps company with travelers from all walks of life, she keeps up with all the stories told. If you're not in a rush, listen in.

Voice Lines

Dolly has a set of default voice lines along with unique sets of voice lines for each of her skins.


Voice line Reference to
"I'm your one and only lucky charm, Dolly! Trust me for the best elite cards. -
"Even more summons, even more heroes! La la-la la-la!" -
"Oh my gosh, sweetie! You've summoned another Elite!" -
"Nice! Smart line-ups and unit combinations can put a tough enemy in dire straits!" -
"Just drop by every day for all your rewards, no need to strain, sweetie!" -
"If you run into any nasty Maulers, get the Lightbearers to deal with them!" -
"The Wilders are a pretty placid bunch, seems they don't fare so well against Maulers though!" -
"Humans are terrified of the smell of death, so you'd better keep Lightbearers away from the Graveborn!" -
"The best way to fend off the Graveborn is with the natural magic of the Wilder! Make sure to recruit more Wilder buddies!" -
"Oh, my mistake, sorry! Don't mind me." (Appears after clicking Dolly 11 times in rapid succession, after this Dolly won't change line when you click on her until after you exit and enter the tavern again) -
"A wise ruler always surrounds themselves with smart advisors. Its said this one advisor in particular could foresee the future. I find it inconceivable!" Merlin

Summer Dolly

Voice line Reference to
"Here sweetie, have a glass of my extra special, super refreshing iced brew!" -
"Esperia has four distinct seasons with beautiful, unique scenery. What's your favorite one, sweetie? -

True Companion

Voice line Reference to
It's been a tough year, come and try some of Dolly's special sweet ale! -
Esperia is a world of there, what kind of music do you like? Does it remind you of anything? -

Old Voice Lines

These lines were in the game for a time, but have since been removed.


Voice line Reference to
"Ow! My bracelet is stuck on my wrist! Does anyone have some pliers?" -
"Did you know it's my holiday soon? I will be retreating to a beautiful chalet in the woods!" -
"People are saying strange sounds have been heard emanating from deep within the Arcane Labyrinth. Many adventures have been drawn to the Labyrinth. If you decide to go with them, I wish you all the best." The Dismal Maze
"It seems that the Bastion of the Elements is out of control again. The elders say that a tornado is sweeping up everything in its path. I really hope someone can bring it under control." Possible Respen
"Folk are talking about a cunning demon that seems to be making his way around Esperia. Many people have already fallen victim to his nefarious tricks. If you run into him, be careful!" Mortas
"See that Durri guy on the 'Wanted' poster? I heard he blasted someone, sending them flyting into the sky! Not only that, he's also committed many other serious crimes! He is extremely dangerous please be careful." Kren
"A terrible storm caused a merchant ship to capsize, thankfully the 'one who drives the wind' saved them from their dooms." Respen
"Recently a lot of bards have been singing about the sorrows of a deceased princess called "Theowyn". Do you know anything about her?" Theowyn
"It's too darn hot these days. Oh how I miss the winter! Hey, I've heard some brave adventures have recently come across a place called "The Frosted Expanse". I wouldn't mind visiting it myself!" -
"Listen carefully to the winter wind. Do you hear howling? The Frozen Mother is ushering in a new winter." Alna
"You know? I still get excited when I see the first snowfall of the year." -
"Do you hear that? It sounds like a snow sleigh!" -
"There seems to be a lot of fruit on the forest floor recently. I wonder who dropped them all?" Pippa
"If you see any valiant adventures, don't forget to send them your blessings!" -
"Do you often pray? Many of my customers are disciples of The Light. Some carry out the whishes of the gods, offering protection against heretics and repentance to the sinful. I wonder what they think of those evil creatures?" Eluard
"Strange things have been happening recently. Food has been disappearing from our cellar, and sometimes snoring can be heard." Raku
"Terrible news! The princess went missing in the middle of the night! Nobody knows where she might have gone. One of the palace servants mentioned they saw a strange raccoon just before the time of her disappearance." Raku and Peggy
"There are many lesser-known deities in Esperia. Most notable one amongst stargazers is a long-haired goddess whose hair sparkles like the stars." Morael
"Some sailors believe that if you come across a strange mist while at sea, you must immediately offer the sea a sacrifice to avoid disaster." Desira
"Have you heard of the mysterious Earl of Kuilin City? Some folk believe there is another side to him. But, then again, most noblemen have their secrets." Leofric
"A word of warning, if you don't want to find yourself full of hot lead, I'd stay away from the guy wearing the big hat." Walker

Summer Dolly

Voice line Reference to
"The Esperian summer is like no other! There's tons of special events happening, you can't miss it!" -
"In the scorching weather, some Heroes can even get cool summer outfits. Don't forget to change!" -


  • Dolly is the daughter of the lightbearer hero Rigby.
  • Despite not being playable, Dolly has unique skins that can be applied to her.
  • From the Skin voice lines it seems that Dolly, much like her father, likes to brew beverages for any occasion.
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