Dolly is the barkeeper in The Noble Tavern. She helps the player summon new heroes and provides them with tips about factional advantages.


The Noble Tavern was established by Brewmaster Brown, however, most of the year he is out travelling, in search of the best recipes to perfect his brews. His daughter Dolly manages the bar. Here, you can sip on tasty brews and meet with loyal companions. As Dolly keeps company with travelers from all walks of life, she keeps up with all the stories told. If you're not in a rush, listen in.

Voice Lines


  • "I'm your one and only lucky charm, Dolly! Trust me for the best elite cards.
  • "Even more summons, even more heroes! La la-la la-la!"
  • "Oh my gosh, sweetie! You've summoned another Elite!"
  • "Nice! Smart line-ups and unit combinations can put a tough enemy in dire straits!"
  • "Just drop by every day for all your rewards, no need to strain, sweetie!"
  • "If you run into any nasty Maulers, get the Lightbearers to deal with them!"
  • "The Wilders are a pretty placid bunch, seems they don't fare so well against Maulers though!"
  • "Humans are terrified of the smell of death, so you'd better keep Lightbearers away from the Graveborn!"
  • "The best way to fend off the Graveborn is with the natural magic of the Wilder! Make sure to recruit more Wilder buddies!"

Summer Dolly

  • "Here sweetie, have a glass of my extra special, super refreshing iced brew!"
  • "Esperia has four distinct seasons with beautiful, unique scenery. What's your favorite one, sweetie?
  • "The Esperian summer is like no other! There's tons of special events happening, you can't miss it!"
  • "In the scorching weather, some Heroes can even get cool summer outfits. Don't forget to change!"


  • She is the daughter of the lightbearer hero Rigby.
  • Despite not being playable, Dolly has a unique skin that can be applied to her.
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