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Dimensionals are a faction in AFK Arena. These heroes have come to the world of Esperia through an interdimensional portal, allowing an array of heroes from other franchises to be added to the roster. Dimensionals are unique in that they are not affected by factional advantages or disadvantages.

Dimensional heroes can be obtained from the Merchants page, the Labyrinth Store and Challenger Store, or the Exchanging Dimensionals event.

Currently, there are a total of 12 playable Dimensional heroes in the game.

Limited Dimensional Deals

Limited Dimensional Deals.jpg
  • This event is available in the Heroic Ship tab of the Merchants.
  • Whenever multiple Dimensional heroes belonging to a certain IP series are released, the first Dimensional hero will be sold at a discounted price of 85% during the event.
  • If only one Dimensional hero belonging to an IP series is released during an event, the discount shall not be applicable.
  • This discount is only valid during IP crossover events.
  • All player profiles belonging to the same account may enjoy this discount.
  • Dimensional heroes which are not limited-edition can still be purchased for the original price after the Limited Offer event has ended by navigating to 'Merchants - Merchant Ship - Dimensional Deals'.

Dimensional Heroes

Mythological Figures

Rarity Icon Name Type Class Role
Ascended Arthur.jpg King Arthur Strength.png Tank (Class).png Tank (Role).png
Ascended Merlin Icon.png Merlin Intelligence.png Support.png Regen.png

Real-Life Figures

Rarity Icon Name Type Class Role
Ascended Leonardo.jpeg Leonardo da Vinci Intelligence.png Mage.png Control.png


Rarity Icon Name Type Class Role
Ascended Babayaga.jpg Melusina/Baba Yaga Intelligence.png Mage.png Burst Damage.png


Rarity Icon Name Type Class Role
Ascended Nakoruru.jpg Nakoruru Agility.png Ranger.png Burst Damage.png
Ascended UKYO.jpg Ukyo Agility.png Warrior.png Continuous Damage.png

Assassin's Creed

Rarity Icon Name Type Class Role
Ascended Ezio.jpg Ezio Auditore da Firenze Agility.png Ranger.png Assassin.png


Rarity Icon Name Type Class Role
Ascended Anz.jpg Ainz Ooal Gown Intelligence.png Mage.png Burst Damage.png
Ascended Albedo portrait.jpg Albedo Strength.png Tank (Class).png Tank (Role).png

Persona 5

Rarity Icon Name Type Class Role
Ascended Joker.jpg JOKER Agility.png Ranger.png Continuous Damage.png
Ascended Queen.jpg QUEEN Strength.png Warrior.png Continuous Damage.png

Prince of Persia

Rarity Icon Name Type Class Role
Ascended POP.jpg Prince of Persia Agility.png Ranger.png Burst Damage.png

Soul Fusion


Fuse your Dimensional heroes with any other non-dimensional heroes to share their Ascension tiers and levels.

Soul Fusion

  • Dimensional heroes may only raise their Ascension tiers by undergoing soul fusion.
  • All Dimensional heroes can be fused together with any non-dimensional faction hero. Once fused, the dimensional hero will share the same Ascension tier and level as the non-dimensional target hero.
  • Any resources used to normally level up a dimensional hero will be returned to you when they become fused. While in a fused state dimensional heroes may not be leveled up normally.
  • Dimensional heroes may not be used simultaneously in battle with their fused target heroes without the use of Dimensional Keys.
  • Two fused heroes may be unfused at any time, however this process requires 100 diamonds. Once unfused, the dimensional hero will revert back to its original Elite Ascension tier and its level will be reset back to level 1. Dimensional heroes may also be normally ascended and leveled up as is the case with other heroes.
  • If the fused target hero is consumed in some way, the dimensional hero will be automatically reverted to its original state without expense of any diamonds.