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Q: Will there be a chance for players to reset their Eternal Engravings?


Yes. We noticed the discussions around the long pauses between the launches of different factions’ engravings. We hear you and will address the issue. The solution we are currently considering is a limited-time event scheduled after the release of the Graveborn engravings, that allows players to reset their progress. Players who feel that they have invested resources on the wrong heroes will have this one chance to make corrections.

Q: Will the Isle of Gold return to the game? It would be great if this game mode is made available all year round.


Yes, we plan to bring back the Isle of Gold early October. Based on your feedback from last time, we will make the following optimizations to improve the game experience. (Below is a general summary of potential optimizations. Details are subject to change. Please stay tuned for the final announcement. )

Suggestion No.1: Pillaging was time consuming. Players needed to visit the isle repeatedly to complete daily tasks.

A: We are considering raising the pillage quota and cap. Players will thus be able to accumulate their pillaging chances and use them all at once. This will free players from frequent visits and repetitive actions.

Suggestion No.2: It was troublesome moving constructed buildings to another position, any plans to change this?

A: We will introduce an “edit” mode that allows players to move/switch their buildings freely and easily.

Suggestion No.3: Defending your resources from being pillaged was really hard. Successful defense efforts should be rewarded, otherwise it’s frustrating to be on the defensive side.

A: We will consider adding reward items for successfully fending off pillagers.

Suggestion No.4: The defensive buildings were too weak, they need to be balanced.

A: We will re-design the garrison mechanism to balance offensive and defensive dynamics.

Many of you fervently asked us to make the Isle of Gold permanent. We really appreciate your enthusiasm. It’s a great joy to see this new game mode being so well-liked. We will first focus our attention on optimizing this feature’s game experience before considering making it a permanent part of the game.

Q: The Legends’ Championship currently adopts a frustrating mechanism to determine the winning team when the battle timer runs out and both teams survived. Will you consider amending these rules?


Yes. We are thinking of adding extra time when the battle timer runs out if both teams have an equal number of hero(es) on the battlefield. The extra time will be result in a fiercer battle, and will only end when one side’s team is entirely wiped out. Details will be shared in the relevant patch notes when the change is implemented and launched. Stay tuned!