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Demonic Devastation is a limited-time Voyage of Wonders stage available from March 26, 2022 until April 7, 2022. In order to collect the chests scattered throughout the stage, players must traverse the islands, fire the cannons, and defeat the Hypogeans. To get one of the crystal chests, speak to the fisherman on the first island four times.

There are 2 crystal chests and 15 gold chests to collect.


Far off in the remotest reaches of the ocean stands an archipelago that has fallen into the hands of wretched Hypogeans. Seirus, on his oceanic patrol, heard word of this place and decided to call in his old friend, Gorvo, to join him in investigating the matter. If the rumor happens to be true, then his trusty weapon will ensure the Hypogeans meet a fitting end.

Event Rules

  • Explore the world and acquire an assortment of loot and rewards while the event is underway.
  • After each battle has been concluded, the health and energy levels for heroes and enemies will not be reset.
  • If a battle timer runs out, the attacking side's heroes will be wiped out.
  • Players may restart the adventure at any time. Resetting the adventure will return all heroes and enemies to their original state.
  • The strength of enemies is based upon each player's own strength. Enemies' strength levels will not change once the event has begun.
  • Rewards may only be collected once per event.


Video Guide

Map Guide

Demonic Devastation Map.png


Stage Overview

Total Enemy Camps: 24

Total Crystal Treasure Chests: 2

Total Gold Treasure Chests: 15

Obstacle/Item Descriptions

Icon Name Description
Residential Are.jpg
Home The hut has always been kept clean and tidy, with the faint scent of meals wafting out of it. It is a place where you can always feel warm and safe.
Residential Are.jpg
Resident Most of the townsfolk live here. It's a hard life, they take each day as it comes, working hard for a brighter tomorrow.
General Store.jpg
Small Town Shop This is the only shop in town that is still operating.
Old Gravestone.jpg
Memorial Stele The bodies of those who have been killed by the Hypogeans may disappear with the passage of time, but their souls will be with us eternally. (There's an option to place flowers)
Silver Treasure.jpg
Treasure Important supplies that were pillaged by invading Hypogeans.
Explorer's Camp.jpg
Fisherman's Home A fisherman lives here. Strangely, there's no food or day-to-day living tools around. There's just a fishing rod.
Fisherman A fisherman who sits here all year round catching everything but fish.
Bar Building.jpg
Mysterious Shop A mysterious shop that stands on this island, even the owner of the shop is a peculiar fellow.
Silver Treasure.jpg
Evil Hypogean Thing A Hypogean symbol full of evil intentions, it has a strong, ominous aura emanating from it.
Bar Building.jpg
Mysterious Shop A mysterious shop that stands on this island, even the owner of the shop is a peculiar fellow.
Empty Cannon.jpg
Cannon The cannons once built by former islanders were destroyed, but have since been repaired by unknown people. To fire the cannon, all you need to do is load the barrel
Ruined Residence.jpg
Ruined Residence A few books with yellowing pages are scattered about the floor. It seems the owner left in a rush.
Battering Ram.jpg
Battering Ram A powerful ram that has enough power to move gigantic stone balls.
Blue Sun Lever.jpg
Blue Lever A lever. The lever is currently pointing to the image of the moon.
Red Moon Lever.jpg
Red Lever A lever. The lever is currently pointing to the image of the moon.
Light Beam Emitter.jpg
Blaze Tower An old, magical dwarven tower that is capable of emitting a persistent and destructive beam of fire. It can be counteracted with ice beams.
Frost Tower.jpg
Frost Tower An old, magical dwarven tower that is capable of emitting a persistent and destructive beam of ice. It can be counteracted with fire beams.
Cloud Totem.jpg
Cloud Totem Illuminating the Cloud Totem with a beam of light will make it come down.
Railroad Switch.jpg
Railroad Switch Constructed by the dwarven craftsmen, this track can be used to move objects back and forth.


Crystal Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the crystal chests:

Icon Name Amount
Stargazer ticket item.jpg
Stargazer Scroll 10 scrolls
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds 1000 diamonds

Gold Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the gold chests:

Icon Name Amount
Icon bag chest 4.jpg
Reward Choice Chest 4 chests
Elemental Shard.jpg
Elemental Shard 100 shards
Elemental Core.jpg
Elemental Core 50 cores
Primordial Emblem 30 Emblems
Amplifying Emblem 30 Emblems
Item 87.jpg
Emblem Choice Chest 10 Chests
Reset Scroll 2 scrolls


[Start of level]

Seirus: My friend, it's time to wake up. Don't forget, there are important things awaiting us today.

Gorvo: I know I know. But Seirus, you best be glad you're my friend. If anyone else woke me up from such a good dream, they'd be thrown into the sea.

Seirus: Hahaha, sure sure, that face of yours could frighten the life out of people. Still, our priority right now is helping our companions. We must eradicate or drive the Hypogeans from our waters.

Gorvo: You mean... Sorry, I think I'm still a little sleep-addled. You mean this new companion who is joining us, or... do you mean this group of local folks is planning on taking the Hypogeans down themselves?

Seirus: Looks like you're finally awake enough to have realized we do have one more among our number! And to answer your questions, yes to both! Another small squad is setting out to deal with the Hypogeans today. We will be among them.

[Speak to Home]

Mother: You plan on departing so soon? ...In that case, let me quickly make you some snacks.

Seirus: Madam, you needn't trouble yourself like this. We'd rather know more about the Hypogean, if there's anything you can tell us.

Mother: I don't know if there's anything more I can add... In the early days of the First Hypogean War, our forefathers left their hometowns, fleeing the war to settle here. They lived on these seven islands peacefully. They originally intended to return home after the war, but not long after that, a powerful Hypogean came out to sea and settled its very own island nearby. The awful beast's minions would make sport of the local folk, just like those our forebears fled from. The settlers of the seven islands quickly constructed cannons, acting with all haste to avoid detection by the Hypogeans, planning to work together to overcome the evil creatures. But it wasn't long before the Hypogeans soon found us, and began to assail our seven islands. Unfortunately, not only were those seven cannons destroyed, but countless people were killed and injured. After everything that transpired, the few of us left alive came here, far from the Hypogean's grasp. Despite that, evidence of Hypogean activity began appearing on the shore. Squad after squad of warriors were sent out to sea, aiming to crush the Hypogean, but none of them were ever seen again.

Gorvo: Hmm, that's... Seirus, what's your take?

Seirus: Oh, that's truly a heart-rending tale.

Mother: I never expected my own child to be one of the brave ones embarking on this task... I know I ought to be gushing with pride, but, forgive me. As a mother, I can't be happy about this. I've readied your boat, it's on the beach. My only hope is that you effortlessly bring down those wretched Hypogeans. Look after each other. My child is depending on you...

Gorvo: Please don't fret, madam. With us here, the Hypogeans are already as good as gone.

[Speak to Resident]

Resident: There have been many brave souls who tried to destroy the Hypogeans, but none have ever made it. May Dura protect you.

[Speak to Small Town Shop]

Small-time Merchant: Are you the great heroes that are gonna wipe the Hypogeans off the face of the planet!? Whatever you need, just ask! Don't worry about money either, mom will make sure you get what you need!

Seirus: Ahahahaha! The hero is whoever defeats the Hypogean! We're just plain old normal folk, like you.

Small-time Merchant: Mom said that anyone that goes out to destroy the Hypogeans is a hero, just like my dad was! He went to fight a long time ago, wanting to end this awful situation we're in. That was... the last time I ever saw him... I'm sorry! I shouldn't be bringing this up.

Gorvo: No harm done, kid. If we hear of any news about your dad, we'll be sure to fill you in when we're back.

Small-time Merchant: Really? If we had some good news, perhaps mom would stop crying every day... Thank you, great heroes! May Dura grant you protection!

[Speak to Fisherman's Home]

Objective Log: Your boat isn't ready for you yet.

Gorvo: Who could've foreseen the first step would falter.

Seirus: Still, there's plenty of ways around this, such as making use of the tidal power here. But don't forget, we need to take care of non-waterborne buddy. There's been evidence to suggest Hypogean activity around the shore recently, but it's not certain whether the Hypogean is to blame.

Coastal Resident: Hey! What do you think you're doing, sneaking around here?

Gorvo: Huh, speaking of which, here comes someone now.

Seirus: I wouldn't say it's a coincidence that we start talking and get noticed by someone, but if this is a trap, then we might've already fallen for it.

Gorvo: Enough of that sort of talk, Seirus! Worst case scenario, we get the fighting over with quickly. It's not like we haven't seen plenty of Hypogeans in our time.

Seirus: Hahaha, you never change! Please listen to what I have to say! You see, it was our plan to sail out to sea with our friend here and help you with your Hypogean problem! It's just that the boat which was supposed to be here waiting for us is gone, have you seen it?

Coastal Resident: So your this round's dead man walking... That is to say, you're this round's brave warriors sent out yo destroy the Hypogeans? Sure enough, not long ago Hypogeans were hanging around here, fresh out the sea. We lost a lot of good men trying to drive them back. I reckon the boat got wrecked right then, it's probably on the seabed now. Since you're brave warriors chasing after deadly Hypogeans, I suppose handling their minions would be short work for you. They just pillaged a lot of our most important supplies. We might be able to help you organize another boat, if you lend us a hand.

Objective Log: Defeat the lurking Hypogeans, prove your strength, and retrieve the important supplies that have been pillaged.

[Complete objective and return to Fisherman's House]

Gorvo: Would you look at that? Simple as can be.

Coastal Resident: You handled those Hypogean soldiers with such ease! No wonder you're our bravest warriors! We can't thank you enough! We got the boat you needed all ready to go, you can set out whenever you want.

Seirus: All sorts of things can go awry at sea, we need to employ the utmost of caution.

Objective Log: New boat acquired.

[Speak to Fisherman]

Fisherman: You're scaring away all my fish!

[Speak to Fisherman again]

Fisherman: Leave me alone, would you? Let me fish in peace.

[Speak to Fisherman again]

Fisherman: Hypogeans nearby? How would I know? I'm just a fisherman.

[Speak to Fisherman again]

Fisherman: Are you quite done!? Your stairway to heaven will be a very short one!

[Defeat Fisherman]

Gorvo: Hahaha! Bull's eye! Hit the nail on the head, Seirus! This guy really was the Hypogean informant, but I never suspected he was actually a Hypogean himself!

Seirus: This is likely the reason that the Hypogean soldiers were able to invade the island.

Gorvo: Thankfully the issue is now resolved. Things should be rather safe here for the foreseeable future. We can leave without concern.

[Speak to Mysterious Shop]

Gorvo: Hey! Look over there! There's a person alive on that tiny island, you don't think it's a Hypogean scout, do you?

Seirus: Time to practice what you preach... "Worst case scenario, we get the fighting over with quickly." Alright, as long as we're well-prepared.

Island Merchant: Ah! A visitor! Goodness, how long has it been? I never expected to see another living soul!

Gorvo: Not exactly. It's more like we weren't expecting to see anyone running a store in Hypogean infested waters? Hah, just saying it out loud sounds ludicrous.

Island Merchant: Since you're passing through here, allowing me the luck of seeing another living soul for possibly the last time in my life, that must mean you came from over there. By 'over there', I mean the only island with anyone left on it that isn't a Hypogean.

Seirus: Correct. Although things aren't looking good right now, there's been signs of Hypogean activity there.

Island Merchant: Then you are...

Seirus: Helping out. We're here to support the island's warriors, who are preparing to take down the Hypogeans.

Island Merchant: ...I see. In that case, I'll share what I can. I'm sure you already know about the seven cannons built by islanders in the past? Those cannons were destroyed, and the islands were overrun by a tough Hypogean and its powerful minions. There was another party of crusaders that went before you, all from different armies. They figured out pretty quickly the cannons were vital since the Hypogean went to such lengths to get rid of them, so they decided to secretly repair all seven of them. Sadly, the islands were swarming with evil things, left to the Hypogean's underlings. Using those vile things, the minions quickly tracked down the warriors, leaving them no way to retreat in one piece.

Gorvo: Good grief, what of them now?

Island Merchant: ...They're still there. If you can take down those Hypogean lackeys and give me the evil things that have been hidden on the islands, I can give you the cannon munitions. With that, you can decimate the Hypogeans' island.

Seirus: You've got a good idea there, but I'm a little confused. You seem to know a lot about this situation, and you clearly hate the Hypogeans, so why not just give us the munitions for free? We can defeat the Hypogeans right away.

Island Merchant: Because I'm a business man. What kind of buisness man does business at a profit loss?

Objective Log: Collect all the 'Evil Hypogean Things' from the seven islands and bring them to the Island Merchant to trade for Ammunition.

[Pick up evil Hypogean thing]

Gorvo: Is this the 'evil thing' the merchant mentioned? It doesn't look like much, but it definitely has a grim Hypogean aura about it. It's making me feel nauseous.

Seirus: At this speed, we'll crush them like an unblockable tide!

[Collect all evil Hypogean things]

Objective Log: All the 'Evil Hypogean Things' have been collected! Take them to the Island Merchant.

[Speak to Island Merchant]

Island Merchant: Let me guess. Would you perchance like me to 'loan' you some items? Or do you think this task is beyond your capabilities? Do you want to throw in the towel and go home?

Gorvo: What can be used without expense?

Island Merchant: Nothing, obviously.

Seirus: Hahaha, don't worry. We've done as you've asked, in the way you wanted. Only the final step remains.

Gorvo: The Hypogeans plaguing these islands will be wiped out!

Island Merchant: You guys really are... true heroes. Apologies, here's what was promised. Make sure you don't ignite it before loading it into the cannon's barrel! With that done, it's time for me to return home.

Gorvo: Hey buddy, do you want us to escort you back? Most of the Hypogean are gone, but there may be a few stragglers in the water.

Island Merchant: No need! I can handle the small fries by myself. It's your time now, heroes.

Seirus: Something about you feels so familiar. You know so much about the previous squad that fought the Hypogeans, could it be you're...

Island Merchant: Hahaha, I'm just a regular guy.

[Go to Hypogean island after firing cannons]

Seirus: And so, our final stop on the road to Hypogean decimation.

Gorvo: Enough of the sentimental nonsense, Seirus! Let's get to it!

Seirus: It's time to cleanse the ocean of their vile presence for once and for all!