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The Demonbreaker is an item that can be used within the Dismal Maze Mode of the Arcane Labyrinth to reduce Dismal Luck effects, subsequently reducing the difficulty of battles. However, using this item will reduce the base amount of Gold and experience produced by any remaining tiles by 50%.

It may only be used once per Dismal Maze challenge.


A deadly gift from the Dismal Masters that can be used to aid other adventurers in their journey through the Dismal Maze. Use it to repel the evil that lurks within the maze. (May only be used within the Dismal Maze).


Demonbreaker Use.jpg
  • After using a Demonbreaker, players can select and active Dismal Luck effect that they wish to dispel.
  • After using the Demonbreaker, the base amount of Gold and Experience produced by remaining tiles will be reduced by 50%.
  • Players can acquire Demonbreakers by requesting help within the 'Mutual Assistance' function.
  • Once a player possesses 3 or more Demonbreakers they will be unable to request assistance from other players.