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The Dark Forest is one of the places to go to in the AFK Arena interface. It can be unlocked after completing stage 2-3.


Peaks of Time

Main article: Peaks of Time

The Peaks of Time has a building of a natural museum that can be unlocked after completing stage 6-4 in the Campaign. Players must navigate through the adventure in order to obtain all rewards while having some adventures completing two times with different pathways.

Similar to the Arcane Labyrinth, players are given an option of three relics to choose from after defeating an area in the adventure in order to make the progression more easier.

Voyage of Wonders

Main article: Voyage of Wonders

The Voyage of Wonders resembles a hot air balloon that can be unlocked after completing stage 6-20 in the Campaign. The Voyage of Wonders acts similarly to the Peaks of Time except that the adventure must be completed within the 2-week time period.

After the two weeks are done, the Voyage of Wonders are closed indefinitely until a new adventure has been released.

King's Tower

Main article: King's Tower

The King's Tower has a building of a typical tower that can be unlocked after completing 2-12 in the Campaign. Players can fight against enemies similar to the Campaign except that the player progresses each floor every time they completed that floor. The Towers of Esperia in the King's Tower can be unlocked after completing chapter 14 in the Campaign. There are currently 550 floors in the main tower and 350 floors in each faction towers.

General rewards include diamonds, rare and elite hero soulstones. Faction rewards include common enhancement tokens, emblems, and heroes essence.

Arcane Labyrinth

Main article: Arcane Labyrinth

The Arcane Labyrinth resembles a portal that is available after completing stage 2-4 in the Campaign. Players are presented with a multi-path dungeon with three floors giving labyrinth tokens that the player can exchange in the shop and relics that help the player progress through the labyrinth more smoothly.

After completing stage 9-24 in the Campaign, players may have an option to choose a more difficult pathway after completing the second labyrinth boss.

Arena of Heroes

Main article: Arena of Heroes

The Arena of Heroes has a building of a coliseum that can be unlocked after completing stage 2-28 in the Campaign. Players can fight against other players in the arena and can receive diamonds at the end of each day.

Players can also fight in the Legends' Challenger Tournament with 3 lineups in which the best players may have a chance to fight in a spot for the Legends' Championship.

Bounty Board

Main article: Bounty Board

The Bounty Board resembles a trading post that can be unlocked after completing stage 3-12 in the Campaign. Players can assign heroes in individual bounties and team bounties for a certain amount of time to gain gold, hero's essence, diamonds, and rare hero soulstones.

Abyssal Expedition

Main article: Abyssal Expedition

The Abyssal Expedition resembles a sinking hole that can be unlocked after completing stage 15-40 in the Campaign. This is a limited event where 70 players (including some in your Guild) are grouped together in a Militia to participate in fighting against compositions in order to obtain a space. Players can wield Blessed Relics using essence earned from each block occupied and also from winning a battle to progress easier throughout the event. During the event, players will also obtain specific Titles based on the amount of Quests completed.

The Hunting Fields

Main article: The Hunting Fields

The Hunting Fields is a limited event similar in nature to the Abyssal Expedition event that can be unlocked after completing stage 19-40 in the Campaign. Players can progress through the fields to conquer the lands, acquire noble titles, and obtain various rewards; either solo (to be paired up with random squad members) or with a team of 4 other selected friends/guildmates. There is also an option for players to join a team as a spectator where they are not required to do anything, but only earn 80% of the rewards as a result. Each team can have up to 10 spectators.

Temporal Rift

Main article: Temporal Rift

The Temporal Rift is available after beating stage 19-40 .Players in the Temporal Rift will complete a number of floors in order to advance to the next floor. The temporal Rift was released on Patch 1.79, an has no limit of floors.

Players will be rewarded for defeating the enemies of each 10 floors, and thus permitted to ascend to the next. Rewards include both types of Soulstones, Gold, Hero's Essence, Hero Experience, Temporal Rift Rank 1 Chest, T1/T2 Stone Choice Chest, Stargazer Scroll, Common Hero and Faction Scrolls, Temporal Rift Rank 2 Chest.