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This Daimon usage guide was uploaded and transcribed as of Patch 1.64.

Hero Usage Guide

Hero Overview

Daimon is a fantastic unit throughout the game. With his ability to steal enemy's HP based on their max Health, he's a force to be reckoned with in the campaign and King's Tower because, no matter how high the enemies' scale, Daimon will scale with them with his damage. He's an effective carry from the start of the game through the end - with an amazing kit for survival but for damage dealing as a tank.

Daimon can be leveled higher than other heroes in early game to serve as a tanky carry on the frontlines.

Recommended Teams

Early Game Team

For an early game team for Daimon, the Graveborns have great support heroes, so that Daimon can be placed into the frontline alongside a hero like Lucius or Izold.

Depending on the opposing teams, support options include Silas, Oden, Ferael, Nara, and Rowan. This will keep the player with at least a 3-2 faction bonus, which is very useful early game.

Late Game Team

Moving into late game where heroes are at least above 240, Daimon struggles a bit more to stay in the front row, although it is still manageable against select team compositions. Due to his Blood Shield taking some time to ramp up, Daimon can be squishy at the start of battles. To combat this, Alna can be used alongside Daimon in the frontlines for her furniture ability, which grants the ally some invincibility at the start of the battle. Otherwise, Daimon can be more effective in the backlines.

Ferael can be replaced with another support like Tasi or Nemora as needed. The additional support will enable the team to survive and control the enemy team for Daimon to have enough time to ramp up damage.

The following team is just one example of a late game comp:

Hero Position Team Synergy


Backline (Dependent on which enemy she will be targeting) Nara can lock out the enemy directly across from her.

Backline Ferael will serve as another support hero on the team.

Frontline Brutus can make use of his invincibility effects for a guaranteed period where he'll be protecting his allies behind him.
Rowan Icon.png

Frontline Rowan has invulnerability to damage every so often which allows him to stay in the frontlines for support. His potions will heal allies as well as provide energy to them.

Investment Worth


As a viable carry-damage dealer in early game, Daimon can often reach +30 upgrades on his Signature Item before other heroes. The extra few seconds on his Blood Shield skill is very effective.

Dying Wish.png

3/9 mythic furniture pieces for Daimon is a nice investment for some extra damage. 9/9 is highly effective as well, but it can wait for some other heroes to reach 3/9 as well. This will allow for easier progression.

It is overall worth investing in Daimon - he is efficient and relevant all throughout the game.