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Cursed Realm is a feature located in the Guild. Players can fight various shadow guards and bosses here to gain Twisted Essence, Elemental Shard, Elemental Core and Stargazer Scroll depending on your ranking.

The conditions for participating change with each update. Please check in-game by clicking on the information symbol.


The lives of mortals are wrought with suffering and hardship, as they find themselves in a perpetual war with their own desires.

Ezizh Hellborn knows this fact very well, and the “Cursed Realm” is the prison he has built to cage them in.

Ezizh allowed for these feeble human minds to run amok in this killing field. Some humans seek out the fantasies that satisfy their deepest desires within this dreamworld, while others drive themselves crazy by instead stumbling into never-ending nightmares.

Those who are left trapped within the nightmare find themselves merging into the nightmare, becoming a part of it. They are the victims of this curse, and also its executors.

Now it’s your turn.


  1. The Cursed Realm opens once every 7 days.
  2. All heroes within the Cursed Realm have a level of 360, their gear and tiers will remain unaffected. Heroes will not receive any Artifact or Union attribute and effect bonuses.
  3. Players may only use mercenaries, dimensional heroes and heroes who are within the Resonating Crystal.
  4. Only one mercenary may be used per formation within the Cursed Realm, however, the number of times that a mercenary can be used is unlimited.
  5. Bosses and their Shadow Guards will stack attributes and grow stronger every time a certain amount of their health is lost.
  6. Within each new Cursed Realm session, players are able to challenge bosses 10 times for free, after which the expenditure of diamonds will be required in order to continue challenging bosses. Players may challenge bosses a maximum of 199 times per session. One battle challenge attempt will be deducted each time a player enters a battle.
  7. The final damage of each challenge is total sum of the damage dealt to bosses as well as the five Shadow Guard teams.
  8. Only the highest recorded damage dealt throughout all boss challenges will count towards your final ranking. Your final ranking will be determined at the end of each session.
  9. Rewards for every Cursed Realm shall be gradually sent to players’ inboxes at the end of each event.


Kane Model.png
The infernal knight that slayed his king. He knows nothing but bitterness and hatred.
To view the Skills, select "expand".
Name Icon Description
Blade of Regicide
C 1001.png
After 10 seconds of battle, the allied hero which has dealt the highest total amount of damage will permanetly have their Attack Rating reduced by 75%, and will have it further reduced every 20 seconds.
Hell's Judgment
Kane Skill 1-1.png
At 15, 40 and 65 seconds into the battle, the enemy that has dealt the highest amount of damage will be annihilated by Kane.
Dragon Fire
Kane Skill 2.png
Kane's dragon breathes fire on enemies, dealing 130% AoE damage to them.
Kane Skill 3.png
Deals multi-stage damage. The first stage deals 30% damage to all enemies, destroying all protective shields that they may be using. The second stage deals 165% damage to all enemies on the battlefield.
Ice Shemira
Shemira Skin Model.png
The shrieks of winter specters can be heard on the howling wind. The winter phantom approaches...
To view the Skills, select "expand".
Name Icon Description
Shadow's Howl C 1002.png During battles, enemies have their Dodge atribute significantly increased, making them harder to hit.
Frozen Grasp Ice Shemira Skill 2.png Shemira prioritizes her attack against two frontline enemies, dealing multiple instances of damage against them, also causing them to become slowed down. Shemira then unleashes a "Frost Nova" that deals damage to all enemies on the battlefield, freezing any enemies that have health lower than 50%
Blizzard Ice Shemira Skill 3.png When Shemira has stacked 1 layers of the "Enraged" effect, a "Blizzard" will occur on the battlefield. While there is a blizzard occurring, enemies are unable to recover health. Once Shemira has stacked 1 layers of the "Enraged" effect, the blizzard's damage will be increased and also have a knock-back effect on enemies.
Frozen Barrier Ice Shemira Skill 1.png Each time "Blizzard" is used, Shemira receives a shield that is able to mitigate damage for 12 seconds. Damage mitigated by the shield is equal to 5% of the damage required to stack another "Enraged" layer. Each stacked "Enraged" layer will increase the shield's value by 20% Damage dealt to Shemira that is less than 50% of the shield's total value is completely negated.
Grotesque Mage
Grotesque Mage.png
Creates a phantom which steals buffs from enemies. Flees the battle after enemies have used enough ultimates.
To view the Skills, select "expand".
Name Icon Description
Carged Bird C 1003.png During battle allied heroies are unable to trigger their Ultimate abilities. Each time their Energy reaches 1000 points, the full amount of energy shall be deducted from them, and their Normal Attack damage is increased by 100%. This effect can be stacked 800%.
Take A Bow Escape Plan.png After entering the battlefield the Grotesque Mage shall no longer use magic escape the battlefield, and his attacks shall become increasingly fatal as the battle progresses.
Eletric Spark Electric Spark.png Normal attacks shoot a bolt of lightning which ignores summons and prioritizes targets in formation order. Lightning bolts will end after reaching a maximum distance, or after they are rebounded 10 times.

When a target is hit by the lightning, their attack power will be reduced by 7% for 5 seconds. The Attack Rating debuff is calculated separately each time a target is hit by lightning. If only one enemy remains, a single high-power lightning bolt shall be shot, dealing a high amount of damage, simultaneously reducing the target's Attack Rating by 28%.

Phantom Magic Phantom Magic.png Damage the entire enemy team and create a phantom which removes most buffs from enemies, gaining any attribute bonuses the buffs granted. Damage taken by the phantom does not count towards total damage dealt.
The Unhinged
The Unhinged.png
A former shell of himself, evil has permeated every corner of his essence.
To view the Skills, select "expand".
Name Icon Description
Walking Nightmare C 1004.png During battles, if a single allied target is suffering from a control effect, the damage they receive is increased by 70%. If the target is "terrified" or "charmed", they shall receive an additional 35% damage, but allied heroes'control abilities will have their duration reduced.
Chaotic Entanglement
The unhinged skill 1.png
Arden uses this ability twice, respectively at 30 seconds and 60 seconds into battles.

Arden entangles his enemies with his vines one by one based on their battlefield locations until all enemies are entangled. Entangled enemies are unable to move and will gradually lose health over time.

The entangling vines disappear 6 seconds after Arden has finished casting this ability.

Nether Shield
The unhinged skill 2.png
Arden’s abilities can be interrupted by control abilities that last for a duration of 1.5 seconds or more.

When Arden is unaffected by any enemy control abilities, he utilizes a passive shield that is able to reduce the damage he receives by 50%.

Lightning Fury
The unhinged skill 3.png
When used passively, a singular lightning bolt is cast upon a random enemy every 3.5 seconds. When used actively, 5 bolts will be cast successively on multiple enemies. Enemies that are struck by lightning bolts will lose the majority of buffs from which they are currently benefiting.
Burning Brute
Nian Monster.png
Hailing from another universe, The Burning Brute leaves a trail of chaos and destruction wherever it goes.
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Name Icon Description
Shadow Fangs
C 1005.png
After the Start of battles, all allied heroes' attributes cannot be increased.
Flame Breath
Burning Brute Skill 2.png
The Brute breathes fire on his enemies, inflicting damage upon them. After the Brute awakens from its slumber for the first time, it acquires a new attack method that causes fire to erupt from below its enemies' feet, dealing damage to them and AoE damage to any other enemies surroding the original enemy target.
Savage Awakening
Burning Brute Skill 1.png
When the Brute has stacked 2 or 5 layers of the "Enraged" effect it will doze off for 5 seconds. When the Brute awakens for the first time, it acquires a new method of attack that allows it to target enemies positioned behind itself by smashing the ground ferociously. The second time the Brute awakens causes its frontal attacks to become more ferocious.
Blaze Barrier
Burning Brute Skill 3.png
The Brute summons a fiery barrier around itself at the beginning of battles that is able to reduce the damage of attacks which originate from outside it by 80%. Barrier is deactivated while the Brute's "Doze" ability is being used.
Demonic Entity
Nemora Alt Design.jpg
Waiting in the mist, the evil reflection of Nemora awaits its next victim.
To view the Skills, select "expand".
Name Icon Description
Shadow Fangs
C 1006.png
During battles, the damage output of all allied heroes is reduced (excludes Ultimates).
Baneful Guard
N Ability 2.png
Produces a high-value shield around the ally with the lowest amount of energy. While protected by the shield, the affected ally will quickly recover energy.
Maligned Energy
N Ability 1.png
Raises allies' Haster by 100 points and Crit Rating by 40 points for 5 seconds each time Dreaf is re-summoned.
Fiendish Underling
N Ability 3.png
Nemora cannot be attacked. Whenever there are no surviving summoned Dreafs on the battlefield Nemora will summon 5 Dreafs. Summoned Dreafs will receive attribute increases when in an "Enraged" state and any damage that they receive will also be received by Nemora.


  1. It is possible to view the replay of the battle in which other players achieved their highest damage record.
  2. Rankings within the leaderboards are subject to constant changes, thus, leaderboard rewards will only be finalized at the end of the leaderboard session.
  3. Individual Cursed Realm Leaderboard rewards will be gradually sent out via email once the season’s rankings have been calculated.

Dream Ladder

Get the special avatar frames by getting to the top on the Cursed Realm Leaderboard!

  1. The Cursed Glory Leaderboard shows the Dream Ladder achievements of players across all servers.
  2. Rankings are predominantly based upon the time that players acquire avatar frames. If players are equally ranked in terms of frame quantities, the player with the highest overall Combat Rating will claim the higher ranking.
  3. Cursed Glory Leaderboard only displays top 100 players.


Frame Reward
Reach Top 5% on Cursed Realm Leaderboard
N avatar frame curseland 1.png
Reach Top 200 on Cursed Realm Leaderboard
N avatar frame curseland 2.png
Reach Top 50 on Cursed Realm 1 Times
N avatar frame curseland 3.png

Reach Top 50 on Cursed Realm 5 Times
N avatar frame curseland 3.png


Reach Top 50 on Cursed Realm 10 Times
N avatar frame curseland 3.png


Reach Top 50 on Cursed Realm 20 Times
N avatar frame curseland 3.png


Reach Top 50 on Cursed Realm 30 Times
N avatar frame curseland 3.png