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  • In AFK ARENA, we have something we like to call "crowd control". Essentially it means you can have a way under leveled team and still come out victorious because of the fact that once you use one of your heroes skills, it renders them immobile or useless for a certain amount of time, for example:
  • Arden is a great source of crowd control, you should get him to legendary + as soon as possible and keep him forever, for 1, he is very common when drawing for heroes, so you should be able to get him up to par very quickly. 2, His skill called "Entangling Roots" prevents enemies from moving, dodging, or attacking for up to 3 whole seconds when he is max level "180". Another great example of this is:
  • Tasi, unlike Arden, she is an ascended tier hero and therefor is a little harder to acquire. But nonetheless is also a very effective way to render your opponent useless for a certain amount of time such as her skill "Slumber" which puts all of your enemies team to sleep for 4 seconds. Tasi is also one of the most sought after characters in the game for this reason alone, on top of the fact that when she gets hit by another enemy, she teleports to either one of your other heroes, or one of the enemy heroes and does various things such as give your teammate haste, or deals damage to an enemy. Another great skill from Tasi is "Banishment" which for lack of a better term, banishes an enemy for up to 6 seconds at max skill level, also increasing Tasi's attack rating by up to 40% of the enemy she banishes.
  • Nemora, also an ascended tier hero and somewhat difficult to get to higher levels due to rarity, but once you have her, never let her go. She not only is one of the best healers in the game, but at the same time has a "charm" ability which makes enemies fight for you for a certain amount of time. Her skill "Beguile" makes an enemy fight for you, and at higher levels, even makes them use their ultimate ability on their own teammates, and makes them stronger for the time period that they are charmed, also they get dealt damage at the beginning of the ability, so overall a fairly decent crowd control hero.
  • These are just a few examples of the great team you can build using what we call cc or "crowd control" I hope this helps people understand the game a little better and is somewhat simple to understand for people that are new and old to the game.

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