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Bearer of the Divine Mission, you must restore order

Continuum Stalker is the current boss of Temporal Rift, the monsters created by the space-time distortion have a huge impact on spatio-temporal stability. To restore order to space and time and save the world you need kill him.


“Hunting, tearing, devouring, disorder and destruction. This is the immutable truth.” These monsters were created by the convergence of energy caused by the distortion of space-time. Because of the energy within their bodies being so unstable, these beasts have the ability to continuously rupture space-time, massively impacting space-time stability.

They are chaotic and uncontrollable, with no constant course or direction. Their instinct drives them to destroy everything that can be destroyed, continuously propagating this volatile space.

They are very unyielding to stability and are naturally reflexive, able to alter the flow of time and change the laws of this chaotic space to unleash their erratic attacks on enemies.

Continuum Stalkers will treat stable beings as enemies, endlessly tracking and pursuing them whenever they get them in their sights, before either assimilating them or killing them.


Name Icon Description
Looming Destruction S10481.png During battles the Continuum Stalker has significant Damage Reduction. When the abilities "Gears of Time" and "Temporal Distortion" have been cumulatively cast 5 times, all heroes shall be dealt high damage with single attack. The Continuum Stalker is immune to damage while casting this ability.
Gears of Time S10482.png The Continuum Stalker summons a Gear of Time which periodically targets the most densely populated area of heroes, dealing damage to them. The number of gears and the frequency of attacks will increase as the ability's level increases. Enemies that are struck immediately lose 100 Energy points.
Temporal Distortion S10483.png Marks the enemy with the highest Attack Rating and imprisons them. Several seconds later the Continuum Stalker opens a temporal rift that calls forth another version of himself from a different time, which deals a certain amount of AoE damage to the marked enemy, who is located at the center of the attack. Attack damage and range will increase as the ability's level increases.






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