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51 Companion Points

Companion Points are currencies used in AFK Arena. They are mainly used for summoning heroes in the Noble Tavern. They only work on a specific Tavern tab and are acquired by receiving them from friends in-game.

How to Obtain

In order to receive Companion Points, players must have friends in-game and have them send in Companion Points. It is only possible to collect a maximum of twenty Companion Points per day, and a limit of thirty Companion Points per day from sending them to friends.


There are three states that your friends can be in regarding Companion Points, which are represented below:

State Description Icon
Sendable The player can send a Heart
CompanionPoint Friends SendHeart.jpg
Received The player received a Heart, but has not accepted it yet
CompanionPoint Friends HeartToAccept.jpg
Exchanged Heart got sent or Heart got accepted
CompanionPoint Friends HeartExchanged.jpg

In order to check if Companion Points have been successfully exchanged between the player and a friend, check if there are two Exchanged icons on one friend. If that is the case, then the player has successfully sent a heart to the friend, as well as accepted the friends heart. 


Companion Points can be exchanged for Hero Cards in the Tavern, under the Companion Pack tab.