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The Chat is a feature that allows players to communicate with each other. It is divided into 4 groups: local, global, Guild, and Squad. All chats offer an option to highlight a user like a hyperlink with the use of the @ symbol. Moreover, previous messages do not disappear from chat (unless you clear your cache) and you can go back to them any time you want. Clicking on a user's profile in the chat will grant players the option of adding that user as a friend.

Players can adjust the font size of the chat via a slider in the options feature, which is located in the top left corner.

Local Chat

This chat is where players communicate in their native language, usually talking about adding to guild or asking various questions about gameplay. This is very helpful for users who don't know English. They can find friends from their country and join a guild with people from their country.

Global Chat

This chat has a multi-language integration, with users from all different countries. These users mostly advertise their guilds, asking for friends, or for game play advice.

Guild Chat

This chat is dedicated only for members of a specific guild. If a guild has active members, they can exchange valuable information, ask for advice, and add other members as friends.

Squad Chat

This chat can be used during the Abyssal Expedition and The Hunting Fields events in order to communicate and strategize with squad mates and spectators.

Chat Bubbles

Chat Emotes

Default Emotes

Siren's Song Emotes

These emotes are also available paid through Discord.

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