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Burning Brute is an unknown beast that serves as the boss of the Winter Bounties Event and a recurring boss in The Twisted Realm. It came to Esperia when the space continuum was ripped apart and proves to be a tough, hellish opponent. Thankfully, the Burning Brute only awakens once a year, a trait that ties it closely to the ushering in of a new year. Its only known weakness is sound.


Since it arrived through the broken space-continuum, the creature continues to wreak havoc in the nearby the ancient ruins of Esperia. Efforts to slay the creature were unsuccessful, but a weakness was discovered by a Wilder Zoologist: sound.

Armed with this knowledge, the astrobells were created by the best craftsmen in Esperia. The astrobells were distributed throughout the realm, ensuring that every village and town had one, giving the helpless townsfolk a chance of survival against the beast. Unfortunately, the creature is smarter than it looks. It laid waste to the craftsmen’s workshop and took with it the astrobells.


The Burning Brute, a creature not of this world. An unknown beast that appears to be neither wholly reptile nor mammal. It possesses a large head and thick skin. It is extremely fierce and should be approached with extreme caution.

— by Halueth Vahana, Unknown Esperian Creatures

Burning Brute Banner.png

When the space continuum was ripped apart, extra-dimensional creatures started appearing all over the land. It was first thought that most of these beings were great, noble warriors, but it has became apparent that they weren’t the only ones that came along for the ride.

The creature, with no real name other than its nickname “Burning Brute” or the “Nian Monster” in the Far East, most likely hails from a hellish landscape. It possesses a natural ability to breathe fire from its lungs. The creature is extremely violent and views all other creatures as enemies, not too unlike the Hypogean invaders.

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It has terrorized countless villages and hamlets since its arrival in Esperia. The creature’s stocky stature and frighteningly sharp horns have left a trail of destruction all over the land.

The denizens of Esperia have made a concerted effort to slay the beast, but due to its powerful constitution it has proved very difficult to slay. The best that they Burning Brute can hope for is to temporarily drive the creature away.

Thankfully, for the majority of the time the beast remains in a long slumber and only awakes once a year to scavenge for food. The folk know that this time is coming and try to prepare as best they can for the inevitable destruction that will be wrought. Thus, the passing of each new year is now closely tied to this fiery beast.

Once the beast returns to its dormant state, the people of Esperia rejoice and celebrate by feasting upon the finest delights in the realm. However, the question always remains.

Will the Burning Brute return next year? Only time will tell.


Name Icon Description
Flame Breath
Burning Brute Skill 2.png
The Brute breathes fire out of its mouth, inflicting damage on its enemies. Once the Brute awakens from its "Doze" state it receives a new type of ability that causes the ground below its enemies' feet to burn, dealing AoE damage to them.
Burning Brute Skill 1.png
When the Burning Brute's health falls below 80% and 50% it falls asleep for 5 seconds. If the Brute is dealt damage that exceeds 10% of its total health it will awaken and use a more ferocious method of attacking its enemies. (The Brute will awaken naturally on its own after a certain duration of time if it is not triggered by damage.)
Blaze Barrier
Burning Brute Skill 3.png
The Brute summons a fiery barrier around itself at the beginning of battles that is able to reduce the damage of all incoming attacks which come from outside of the shield by 80%. Shield is deactivated while the Brute's “Doze" ability is being used.


  • The astrobells were created to ward off this creature, as its only known weakness is sound.