Bounty Board 1

The Bounty Board is located in the Dark Forest.

Here you can dispatch your heroes on quests for various rewards, including Gold, Hero's Essence, Diamonds or Soulstones.

Bounty Quests require you to select certain faction heroes and heroes of a certain rarity before you can begin them. A hero cannot undertake more than one Bounty Quest at a time. Sending your hero on a Bounty Quest doesn't prevent you from using him in other activities.

There are two types of Bounty Quests: Solo or Team Bounty Quests. Solo Bounty Quests require your heroes, and the number you can undertake every day depends on your VIP level. Team quests require you to use Support Heroes, heroes borrowed from your friends and guild members, along with your heroes before they can be started.

Bounty Board 2

Number of Solo Bounty Quests according to VIP level:

  • Up to 6 Solo Bounty Quests at VIP level 2
  • Up to 7 Solo Bounty Quests at VIP level 5
  • Up to 8 Solo Bounty Quests at VIP level 8
  • Up to 9 Solo Bounty Quests at VIP level 11
  • Up to 14 Solo Bounty Quests at VIP level 14

In addition, you can undertake up to 2 Team Bounty Quests at VIP level 6.

The amount and rarity of Bounty Quests you get depend on your Bounty Board level. You need to complete a certain number of Solo and Team Bounty Quests of a certain rarity to level your board up. You can see the next level requirement by clicking the Lv at the top of your Bounty Board. The Bounty Board maximum level is 7.

Bounty Board 3

You can refresh Solo Bounty quests that have not yet been started by spending diamonds or, alternatively you can wait one day for the quests to be automatically refreshed. Bounty Quests reset every day at 00:00 GMT.

You will be given one (or two if VIP level 2) new Team Bounty quest every day. Team quests can be rolled over to the next day if not completed but if they are not completed within 7 days they will disappear.

You can unlock the Autofill feature at VIP 6.

My Support Heroes is where you setup the heroes you lend to your friends for their Team Bounty Quests. You can also view which of your friends each hero is helping.

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