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Blazerock is the 26th campaign chapter available on The World Map, hosting 60 individual stages. It is available upon completion of Stormbreath Fortress.

Completing this chapter will unlock access to Dismal Labyrinth and reward players with 2 Faction Choice Cards.


"A once vibrant and fertile land, now nothing more than scorched earth. Another victim of the great war. Countless series of devastating bombardments have left deep scars in the terrain. The Dwarves, their machines and weaponry ever hungering for fuel, sought to colonize this place ages ago. They were surprised to find out that it already had its own native inhabitants, who only showed themselves once colonization was fully underway. At this point, conflict was inevitable. Unable to best the tribes toe to toe, the Dwarven armies employed their destructive creations in their war of conquest. Now this region is hostile and barren. The hulking wrecks that dot the landscapes serve as a grim reminder for all dwarf-kind that they are not the indomitable force they were once thought to be."




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