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"May the light protect us."

Belinda is an intelligence-based mage hero of the Lightbearers faction with a high damage output. She can also raise the attack rating of other heroes or herself. She's also one of the easiest Lightbearers to obtain, as you get an elite+ hero of her on Day 7 of the login event.

Belinda is notorious for her ultimate skill "Divine Light" as it dispatches even the sturdiest tank.


With new technologies and various other discoveries, magic no longer constitute the sole means of improving people's lives. Fewer and fewer people are willing to devote the vast amounts of time and energy required for becoming a proficient magic user. There are, however, certain things magic can accomplish that technology will never be able to tackle, regardless of how far it may advance in the decades and centuries to come. One such application is among those practiced by The Order of The Light. The devotees of the Temple of Light uphold the holy and the divine, use magic only for good, and have the power to drive away darkness wherever it creeps in.

Divine magic is a unique force. Compared to the elemental magics, divine magic is less reliant on inborn talent, but requires the learner be more rigorous in its study and application. Furthermore, divine magic is the only type of magic that seems to be dependent on the user's inner character in order to work properly. Those not possessing the most resolute will and selflessness can't expect anything more than the faintest effects, even after years of study.

Belinda is one of those valuable few with a natural affinity for The Light, and thus there was never any question that she would become a priestess of The Order. Her talents became apparent at a young age. As the second daughter of the baron Augustin, Belinda never lacked access to the varied tomes which had been compiled over the centuries in her family's library and the nearby temple. Unlike her siblings, she cared little for the intrigue and society of the nobility, instead seeking to spend her time buried in books concerning the nature and workings of divinity. While her siblings and other relatives, rubbed elbows with the other nobles, Belinda sought out the company of her elders in The Order. All the priests and paladins of the temple were quite surprised to find that this energetic young girl had already forged a connection with The Light independently, communicating with It as she had a special bond.

After finishing the schooling expected of all children of the nobility, she opted to abandon her privileged place in society and go to the temple to undergo a more structured regimen of learning about The Light and divine magic. Each initiate at the temple is required to undergo Devotion, a period of enforced poverty and contemplation. This is a time filled with chants, prayer, meditation, and denial of daily comforts. Though for most initiates this is an extremely trying experience, Belinda took to it readily, savoring the moments she could better understand the one thing that had captivated her throughout her life.

Through this structure and training, Belinda's innate abilities grew dramatically, and she was ordained as a priestess of The Order. It was quickly discovered, following the breaking of The Barred Gate, that The Light and its divine magic was especially effective at banishing the Hypogean threat. In the eyes of the soldiers around her, she is a divine warrior of The Light Itself, sent to embody the hope of a people.

"Darkness is only the absence of light. It cannot exist where we shine.”


Unlock Level (Hero) Name Icon Description
1 Divine Light S201.png Belinda uses her divine power to attack a large area of enemies 4 times. Each successful hit deals 110% magic damage to the enemy targets.
11 Divine Retribution S202.png Belinda fires an orb of divine energy towards her enemies. The ball explodes on impact with the first enemy it reaches. Surrounding enemies consequently suffer 160% damage.
21 Divine Retribution S202.png Damage is increased to 180%.
41 Brilliance S203.png Belinda's Crit Rating is increased by 12%.
61 Blessing S204.png Belinda blesses the ally with the highest Attack Rating, raising their Attack Rating by 15% and Crit Rating by 15%.
81 Divine Light S201.png Damage increases for every successive hit that lands.
101 Divine Retribution S202.png Reduces the Accuracy of all enemy targets that take damage.
121 Brilliance S203.png Every time Belinda inflicts a critical strike on an enemy the subsequent damage they receive will be increased by 3%. Ability can be stacked 8 times.
141 Blessing S204.png Belinda blesses the two allies with the highest Attack Ratings.
161 Divine Light S201.png Hits enemies up to 5 times.
181 Divine Retribution S202.png Damage is increased to 210%.
201 Brilliance S203.png Crit Rating is raised to 18%.
221 Blessing S204.png Attack Rating increased 20%. Crit Rating increased 20%.

Engraving Abilities

Unlock Level (Eternal Engravings) Name Icon Description
30 Brilliance
Enhance the ability Brilliance, Belinda's Crit Damage Amplification is increased by 18 points during battle.

Reach 2 Star Ascended with this hero to gain: HASTE +3

Reach 3 star Ascended with this hero to gain: HASTE +3

60 Blessing
Enhance the ability Blessing, Blessed heroes have their damage increased by 15% for every attack. This effect can be stacked 4 times, after which the effect is ended.

Reach 4 Star Ascended with this hero to gain: HASTE +3

Reach 5 Star Ascended with this hero to gain: HASTE +3

80 Endeavor
Arena of Heroes, Legend's Challenger Tournament, Legends' Championship, Heroes of Esperia: HP +13.7% ATK +10%

Signature Item

Item: Staff of Light

ZGfvmwu-1-.pngA holy artifact imbued with radiant essence.

Skill: Gift of Heaven


All allies that are receiving the effects of the ability “Blessing” will have a 40% chance to activate the “Divine Retribution” ability. This ability can be activated up to 3 times every 5 seconds. Damage dealt by this ability is equal to 40% of the ability’s original damage when used by allies.

  • [+10 Unlocks] Raises potency of “Divine Retribution’s” damage when used by allies up to 60%.
  • [+20 Unlocks] Raises potency of “Divine Retribution’s” damage when used by allies up to 80%.
  • [+30 Unlocks] Restores 40 energy each time ability is used.

Furniture Set Bonuses 

Focused Light.png

Focused Light

  • [3/9 Mythic Pieces] When the ability "Divine Light" only hits 1 enemy target, the damage dealt to the target is increased by 30%.
  • [9/9 Mythic Pieces] When Belinda deals damage to an enemy, their Crit Resistance is reduced by 35 points for 3 seconds. This ability cannot be stacked.

Voice Lines

  • "May the light protect us."
  • "I have your back."
  • "Let there be light!"
  • "The light compels you."
  • "Light, guide my way."
  • "I shall end your suffering."
  • "Walk into my light."

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In-Game Designs

Production Art

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  • While collecting a gift from Belinda in The Oak Inn, she will say the following: "Brave Adventurer: I'm not the most popular person, or the life of the party, but as long as I have the Divine Light, I have all the comfort I need."
















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