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Battle of Blood is a recurring event that pits players against each other in a strategic card-based battle. The players are given a hand of 10 random hero cards, half of which they may place onto the battlefield.

The first round, players may choose 2 of the hero cards to place onto the battlefield, the next round another 2, and then the final round just 1. Once 5 of these hero cards have been placed on both sides, a battle will commence between the player and their opponent.


The Battle of Blood is a Mauler event with a considerably long history.
The tough and resilient ancestors of the Maulers had to find a place to settle in the Scorched Expanse after long, arduous migrations. The natural environment of the desert was perfect for honing their senses and steeling them to the elements. Through this, they learned how to abide by survival of the fittest.
They promote and advocate those who are strong, and use of force. It was here that the origins of the event took root, borne of the bloodshed and primeval culture. In ancient arena battles, the old and frail fall, and the strong and victorious are surrounded by rapturous cheers.
In recent times, with the Maulers in greater contact with other peoples, this historical practice born from their culture has expanded beyond their barbaric borders and become a part of wider cultural practice throughout Esperia.


An example of a hand of cards a player may be dealt.

  1. When entering the event for the first time, players will be given a differing number of initial points, which is based upon the player's current campaign progress.
  2. During this event, players will make use of heroes drawn from a uniform hero pool. Heroes from this pool cannot be affected by players in any way.
  3. All heroes used are level 300, Ascended tier heroes.
  4. By default, all heroes are equipped with unenhanced Mythic T2 gear that does not receive factional gear bonuses.
  5. All heroes are equipped with a level 30 Signature Item by default.
  6. All heroes are equipped with 9 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture.
  7. All heroes have level 60 Elder Tree attributes and abilities by default.
  8. Heroes do not make use of any Artifact attribute bonuses or Union Attribute Bonuses.
  9. Players can choose to fight competitively against similarly ranked players or spar with their guildmates and friends.
  10. At the start of battles, both players shall be allocated 10 random, unique heroes.
  11. When preparing for battles, players shall choose 5 desired heroes out of 10 for their formations. The preparation phase is split into 3 stages, during the first stage players will choose 2 heroes, for the second stage another 2 heroes shall be chosen and in the third stage, 1 final hero will be chosen to finalize the formation.
  12. During the battle preparation phase, heroes selected for battles shall appear on the left side of the battlefield. However, once a battle begins, a player's heroes may enter from the right side of the battlefield as a result of the system's matchmaking process.
  13. Valiant Merits can be acquired by completing Battle of Blood quests, and can then be used to unlock Warrior's Way rewards.
  14. Players that obtain a top 1000 rank (across all servers) on the Battle of Blood leaderboard shall win a Fortune Chest that contains large amount of Hero's Essence. Rewards for the Battle of Blood will be calculated twice during the event. Guilds can obtain a maximum of one Fortune Chest each time rewards are calculated. If multiple guild members reach the criteria to obtain a Fortune Chest, the Fortune Chest will be based upon the member with the highest rank.
  15. Sparring with friends and guildmates does not affect a player's leaderboard points and does not grant any rewards.
  16. If the battle timer reaches zero without a definitive winner, the side with the most surviving heroes still on the battlefield will claim victory. If the number of heroes on either side are equal, the side with the highest combined percentage of health remaining will claim victory.


By completing quests, players can earn Valiant Merits that can be used to unlock Warrior's Way rewards. Quests are split into 'Dailies' and 'Challenge', and players can request help from their friends and guildmates in order to complete the quests.

By assisting friends and guild mates, Medals of Might can be earned which may be used to complete specific quests automatically. During the event players can acquire up to 3 Medals of Might per day, and a maximum of 6 Medals over the whole duration of the event.


Quest Valiant Merits Earned
Complete 1 Battle. 50
Complete 3 Battles. 50
Achieve 1 Victory. 50


Quest Valiant Merits Earned
Complete 10 Battles. 100
Complete 20 Battles. 100
Achieve 10 Victories. 100
Use 10 Lightbearers to Defeat an Opponent. 50
Use 10 Maulers to Defeat an Opponent. 50
Use 10 Wilders to Defeat an Opponent. 50
Use 10 Graveborns to Defeat an Opponent. 50
Use 5 Hypogeans to Defeat an Opponent. 50
Use 5 Celestials to Defeat an Opponent. 50
Use 5 Dimensionals to Defeat an Opponent. 50
Achieve a 2-Win Streak 1 Time. 50
Achieve a 3-Win Streak 1 Time. 50
Complete 5 Spars. 50



  • During the Battle of Blood event, the number of times a player can offer assistance is based upon their server rank. The number of assistance chances a player receives is issued according to the event rules.
  • Players on the server with ranks 1-5, 6-15, 16-50, will respectively receive 5/3/1 chances to assist other players.
  • Players that have assistance chances may give other players whom are requesting assistance a Medal of Might, in order to assist them complete Battle of Blood quests.

Requesting Help

  • During the Battle of Blood event, players can make use of the Mutual Assistance function to request help from other players who are capable of giving assistance. Once assistance has been successfully received, the player will then received a Medal of Might.
  • Players can use a certain quantity of Medals of Might to complete specific Battle of Blood quests automatically.
  • During the event players can acquire up to 3 Medals of Might per day, and a maximum of 6 Medals over the whole duration of the event.
  • A player that has already successfully assisted you cannot assist you more than once per day.

Fortune Chests

The guild member with the highest Battle of Blood rank will win rewards for their guild.

Required Rank Rewards
Rank 1-10 28000 Hero's Essence
Rank 11-100 21000 Hero's Essence
Rank 101-300 14000 Hero's Essence
Rank 301-1000 7000 Hero's Essence

Warrior's Way

Warrior's Way can be unlocked for $14.99 to earn additional Beastly Pendants, Reward Choice Chests, Elite Soulstones, T1 - T3 Stone Choice Chests, and 980 VIP points.


  • The Warrior's Way event shall be available during the Battle of Blood event, and will last for 14 days.
  • Players can complete Battle of Blood quests for Valiant Merits. The more Valiant Merits you acquire, the more rewards you can unlock.
  • Purchase and unlock the Warrior's Way to acquire 980 VIP Experience Points
  • Any Warrior's Way rewards that were unlocked by the player, yet still remain unclaimed, will be sent to the player's mailbox when the Warrior's Way ends.

Beastly Pendant

A Beastly Pendant.

An exceedingly sharp beast tooth that has been crafted into a pendant. This object symbolizes glory and honor to the denizens of the Scorched Expanse. Beastly Pendants will be automatically refunded for 24K Gold coins per pendant after the event.

Beastly Pendants can be exchanged for prizes via Warrior's Glory.

Warrior's Glory

Warrior's Glory Banner.jpg


New and novel gladiatorial events are seemingly popping up throughout Esperia. Naturally, with the new combative events growing ever popular, the denizens of the realm flock to the arenas in droves. Some choose to step bravely into the arena as combatants, seeking to test their mettle against worthy adversaries, while others choose to stand meekly on the sidelines merely as curious spectators. With such a great following, the gladiatorial events have given rise to a new type of black market, a market that allows only the victors to reap its benefits. With the spoils of combat in-hand, the winners choose to trade in their glory for expensive and highly sought after commodities.


  • Players may exchange Beastly Pendants for rewards up until the event ends (14 days).
  • Players can acquire lots of Beastly Pendants from the Battle of Blood event.
  • Players must possess at least 1 Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem items for activating or enhancing Signature Items.
  • Event items may be exchanged for Twisted Essence at the Elder Tree, which can be used to strengthen heroes after completing Stage 12-40.
  • Players may exchange Poe Coins in this event after unlocking The Oak Inn feature.
  • Event items can be exchanged for Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 25-60.
  • Event items can be exchanged for Mythic Variety Chests after completing Stage 23-60.
  • Event items can be exchanged for Dura’s Artifact Fragment Choice Chests after completing stages 13-40.
  • Once a player has completed Stage 16-40 they may exchange Reset Scrolls in this event. Reset Scrolls can be used to reset the factional bonuses of Mythic tier or higher gear.
  • Excess Beastly Pendant will be recalled for 24k Gold Coins per pendant once the event has concluded.


Icon Name Cost
Primordial Emblem (30) 20 Pendants
Amplifying Emblem (20) 25 Pendants
Item 87.jpg
Emblem Choice Chest (20) 65 Pendants
Icon bag chest 8.jpg
Rare Factional Hero Choice Chest (9) 60 Pendants
Item 108.jpg
Mythic Variety Chest (1) 85 Pendants
Icon bag chest stone 1.jpg
T1 Stone Choice Chest (1) 45 Pendants
Icon bag chest stone 1.jpg
T2 Stone Choice Chest (1) 45 Pendants
Icon bag chest stone 1.jpg
T3 Stone Choice Chest (1) 100 Pendants
Reset Scroll(4) 60 Pendants
Poe Coin.jpg
Poe Coins (3000) 60 Pendants
Twisted Essence.jpg
Twisted Essence (800) 120 Pendants
Icon bag chest 5.jpg
Dura's Artifact Fragments (1) 40 Pendants
Elite Elijah & Lailah (1) 450 Pendants
Elite Orthros (1) 450 Pendants
Elite Mehira (1) 450 Pendants
Elite Mortas (1) 450 Pendants
WuKong Icon.jpg
Elite Wu Kong (1) 300 Pendants
Elite Fawkes (1) 300 Pendants
Elite Peggy (1) 300 Pendants
Elite Vurk (1) 300 Pendants
Elite Skreg (1) 300 Pendants
Elite Tasi (1) 300 Pendants
Elite Raku (1) 300 Pendants
Elite Thoran (1) 300 Pendants
Elite Kelthur (1) 300 Pendants
Icon bag gold.jpg
Gold (24k) 1 Pendant