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Hey AFK Arena players!

Have you ever been wondering what the sixth Gear slot on your Heroes was for? Well, now we know! The Signature Items were recently added to the game, and they can boost your heroes damage output, crowd control, or survivability by a lot. These signature items require your characters to be at least mythic tier for you to unlock, therefore it is a great idea to start pushing for mythic on your carrying characters.

To upgrade your heroes from Legendary+ to Mythic tier, you'll need another Legendary+ tier character of that same Faction to upgrade your carrying heroes. Fortunately, it will not me necessary to use your hard-earned Ascended Tier Heroes for this, since you can upgrade the Legendary Tier Heroes to Legendary + tier. My advice is that, if you for an example want to upgrade a Shemira to mythic tier, you'll want to make either a Vedan, Silvina or Niru Legendary+ Tier, and then use that Hero as fodder to ascend your Shemira.

To create a Legendary+ Vedan, Silvina or Niru, you'll need 72 blue copies in total, and therefore you should focus on using your diamonds on rolling 10 heroes in The Noble Tavern. This will make you progress a lot faster, than wasting your Diamonds on legendary gear, which you will come by eventually, through afk farm, and the adventures in the Peaks of Time building.


Happy Ascending Guys!!