Peaks of Time quote

"According to Legend, the Peaks of Time were created by Honas, God of Creation, in order to allow him watch over all of his creations in the past, present and future. It was said that when Dura fell to the earth, the last remnants of her being fell onto the high peaks of the mountain and were scattered, breaking up into Seven Divine Artifacts that lay hidden somewhere within its interior. Only when all seven of the artifacts are brought together, will the world have a chance to return to a state of peace." ― Unknown

Artifact Story

Dura, goddess of life is a generous being, she gave knowledge to the mortals and showered them with compassion. Weakened by Annih and his Hypogean horde, Dura used the last vestiges of her power to create the seven divine artifacts, fearing that the demonic horde may once again resurface from the barred gate. Wielding the divine artifacts, the mortals may have a fighting chance of fending off the demons once more.

Dura's last words to the mortals:

Mortals of power will never cower,

With the divine light, champions shall always fight.

Those that not surrender, let no man put asunder.

Evil shall never decree, it may only flee.


Artifacts are unique trinkets found in the Peaks of Time that can be equipped onto your heroes in order to boost their attributes and supply them with powers unique to each artifact.

Artifact List

Artifact Details Equipment Attributes Artifact Powers Obtained In
Artifact 1 1.jpgDura's Grace An artifact forged by Dura that calls upon the divine light for protection, allowing them to valiantly fight on.
HP: 8%
Activates a divine shield that offsets up to 120% damage over 5 seconds.
Divine shield offsets up to 170% damage (Enhance to 2 stars to unlock)
Divine shield prevents any mind control effects for 3 seconds (Enhance to 5 stars to unlock)
Ranhorn's Strife
Artifact 1 2.jpgDura's Eye An artifact forged by Dura that is able to perceive its enemy's weak spots and deal a fatal blow to them.
PR: 5
Increases attack speed by 15% for 3 seconds when a Critical Strike occurs
Attack speed is increased to 20% (Enhance to 2 stars to unlock)
Haste +25%, Critical Strike Damage +30% (Enhance to 5 stars to unlock)
Secrets of the Forest
Artifact 1 3.jpgDura's Call An artifact forged by Dura that allows its wearer to fight on, even at the brink of death.
MR: 5
Restores 10 energy points per second.
Restores 15 energy points per second. (Enhance to 2 stars to unlock)
Remaining energy points are shared amongest surviving heroes if death occurs.(Enhance to 5 stars to unlock)
Rest In Peace
Artifact 1 4.jpgDura's Drape One of Dura's rare artifacts. Those that wear the drape will have Dura's blessing.
DEF: 8%
Health Recovery Rate +10%
Health Recovery Rate Increased to +15% (Enhance to 2 stars to unlock)
Health Recovery Rate increases the more the wearer's health falls. Health Recovery Rate may be increased up to +30% (Enhance to 5 stars to unlock)
The Far Frontier
Artifact 1 5.jpgDura's Blade An artifact forged by Dura, that can only be used by the honorable. It bestows courage to swordbearers.
ACC: 15
ATK: 5%
Once the battle begins, attack rating increases 1% every 3s
Attack rating increases 1% every 3s and 2 ACC (Enhance to 2 stars to unlock)
Attack rating increases 1.5% every 3s and 3 ACC (Enhance to 5 stars to unlock)
Viper's Marsh
Artifact 1 6.jpgDura's Chalice of Vitality An artifact forged by Dura herself. The chalice possesses Dura's own blood and gives renewed vigor to anyone that drinks from it.
HP: 8%
DEF: 5%
Restores 1% health per second for the first 30 seconds of a battle
Restores 1% health per second for the first 45 seconds of a battle (Enhance to 2 stars to unlock)
Restores 1.5% health per second for the first 45 seconds of a battle (Enhance to 5 stars to unlock)
The Savage Wastes
Artifact 1 7.jpgDura's Conviction One of Dura's artifacts. Dura's conviction is able to strengthen the resolve of whomever wears it.
ACC: 15
Increases the wearer's Attack Rating by 5% when there are no nearby enemies
Attack Rating is increased by up to 7% (Enhance to 2 stars to unlock)
Unleashes a shockwave every 15 seconds that knocks back any nearby enemies (Enhance to 5 stars to unlock)
The Solar Plane
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