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Arthur Gwyneth Ferael Synergy

Ever since the addition of the Dimensional Hero Arthur, Gwyneth and Ferael have shined a lot. This is because of Arthur's Signature Item Lost Excalibur which allows heroes standing behind Arthur to gain a 50% increase in their attack speed.

This allows slower attack speed heroes like Gwyneth or Ferael to get a boost in the start to CC their enemies. Without Arthur's signature ability unlocked, enemy heroes like Fawkes, Arden or Tasi, are able to CC Gwyneth and Ferael before they can even use their abilities.

This composition has shined a lot post Chapter 26. With the introduction of Tier 2 mythic stones, Rowan is able to dodge much more efficiently and he serves as a pseudo tank besides Arthur. With Arthur and Rowan frontline, this composition can pretty much take down most of the enemy compositions without breaking a sweat.

  1. Rowan:  Dodge Tank, provides healing.
  2. Arthur: Tank, reduces 70% damage head-on and provides extra critical damage rating with his signature item.
  3. Rosaline: Allows Heroes like Gwyneth to perform her ultimate quickly. She also provides healing and is a pseudo-DPS as her cups do a 40% damage of the enemy heroes' current health.
  4. Gwyneth: The first main DPS of this composition. She is able to decimate backline with her lightning fire arrows and her ultimate reduces enemies' accuracy which makes rowan dodge enemies attack more often.
  5. Ferael: The second main DPS of this composition. He is able to CC enemies using his ghosts and reduce their attack rating and health regeneration using his signature ability.

Please note that Gwyneth and Ferael's positions can be interchanged depending on how the backline looks like. If it is a solid 3 hero backline, Gwyneth being in the middle is a fair idea. However, if it is a 2 hero backline, Gwyneth's position could be interchanged with Ferael to provide better results.

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