The Arena of Heroes is a Colosseum building that is composed of 3 parts: the Arena of Heroes itself, the Legends’ Challenger Tournament and the Legends’ Championship. It can be found in the Dark Forest.


The Arena of Heroes works with a system of a classic battle. All players need a formation to defend themselves when they are attacked by other players while offline or online.

They also need a formation when they want to attack other players. This formation is different than that of defense. The defense formation can be modified separately.

A record system is available to give the player information about recent attacks or defenses. They can see how many ladder points they received or lost. Moreover, they can also see a replay of the battle.

In-game Instructions

  • The Arena of Heroes is a league wherein you can accumulate ladder points and win rewards. Your ladder will rise or fall depending on the outcome of your battles.
  • You can enter the arena free of charge for the first two times, after that you will need to use Arena Tickets to enter the arena.
  • Each season will last for two weeks which will have daily rewards and seasonal rewards. Over the course of the two weeks, you will be judged on your daily ranking as well as your final season ranking and rewarded accordingly.
  • Once a season has ended you must re-enter the Arena of Heroes to start participating again in the next season.
  • Each arena season is two weeks. Once the season has concluded, players ranking will be calculated and be given rewards based on their overall ranking.
  • Players must enter the arena once each new season in order to receive ladder points and a ranking.


The Arena of Heroes, a place of butchery and carnage, where the smell of blood, sweat and tears permeate the walls. A place that can make or break a hero. Heroes from all over come here to test their mettle against some of the greatest gladiators that have ever walked Esperia. The great are remembered, the weak are cast aside. Only the strongest of the strong can perch atop its lofty leaderboard.

Aoh banner

Arena of Heroes banner from the game.

Refer to the image for the numbering:

  1. The rank, based on a player's ladder points.
  2. The formation rating, a power amount of the player's defending formation.
  3. The seasonal timer, a reminder of when the season will be reset.

Legends' Challenger Tournament

Main page: Legends' Challenger Tournament

The Legends' Challenger Tournament has a battle system similar to the Arena of Heroes battle system. Players have to create a formation of heroes to defend themselves against other players. Players may also create a formation for the attack to adapt their strategy against the defending opponent. Unlike the Arena of Heroes, this battle system is about pitting 3 teams of 5 heroes against each other. Each team fight is independent.

There also exists a record system to review each battle. Every win will reward a player more challenger point accumulation per hour. The amount depends on the player's ranking. A player can only store a maximum of 10,000 challenger points: they must collect it or else the points will stop accumulating.

In-Game Instructions

  • The legend’s Challenger season lasts for 2 weeks and is categorized into 7 divisions, ranging from « Novice » all the way to « Champion ».
  • The Legend’s Challenger Tournament is a best of three style competition. Players can adjust their defensive formation by selecting the « Formation » button.
  • The quantity of Gladiator Coins a player receives is based upon their current division, with higher divisions offering higher amounts of coins. Players are also able to receive Gladiator Points if they are able to reach the Champion division.
  • At the end of the season, the top 10 players with the most « Challenger Points » will qualify for the « Legend’s Championship » tournament. (Legend’s Championship has specific tier requirements, for more details check the « Challenger Leaderboard » in the top left corner).
  • After a season has ended all « Challenger Points » will be reset to 0.
  • The accumulation of « Gladiator Coins » is based on the player’s ranking and are acquired hourly. Gladiator coins will be automatically placed into the Challenger Chest located at the top of the leaderboard and can be collected at any time.
  • Player can hold up to a maximum of 500 000 gladiator coins. Coins will no longer be accumulated one the maximum quantity has been reached. Players can exchange their gladiator coins for items within the Challenger Store.


With the Gladiator Coins, a player can purchase any of the items listed in the table below.

Item Price
60 Athalia Soulstones 250,000 GladiatorCoin
60 Ezizh Soulstones 250,000 GladiatorCoin
60 Fawkes Soulstones 150,000 GladiatorCoin
60 Numisu Soulstones 150,000 GladiatorCoin
60 Ulmus Soulstones 150,000 GladiatorCoin
60 Grezhul Soulstones 150,000 GladiatorCoin

Lct banner

Legends' Challenger Tournament banner from the game.

Refer to the image for the numbering:

  1. The division is a tier defined by a player's rating in the ladder.
  2. The number of gladiator coins available.
  3. The sum of the formations' rating based from the in defense.
  4. This timer allows you to know when the season ends.

Legends' Championship

The Legends' Championship is available for the top 10 players (ranked by the amount of « Challenger Points ») of the Legend’s Challenger Tournament. For every ending of Legends' Challenger Tournament season, selected players are allowed to access to another tournament called « Legends' Championship ».

In-Game Instructions

There is no available instructions for the moment.


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Lc banner

Legends' Championship banner from the game.

Refer to the image for their numbering:

  1. The « In progress » section dictates the information about the progression of the tournament.
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