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Annih is the god of death in the video game Afk Arena. His conflict with his sibling, Dura, is the main focus of the story.

Annih's whereabouts are currently unknown.


Annih is a tall, long-faced man with long, straight ash-colored hair, a very slender and skeletal body as can be seen in his hands which are incredibly large and bony with claws. He wears a dark cap robed (resembling a monk) wearing a gold ring on his right hand.

Like his sister, he is represented with a dark body and it can also be seen that his weapon is a scythe.


His personality is unknown, but due to his actions against Dura, it is estimated that he used to be good, but when he felt inferior and jealous of the adoration his sister received, he took revenge and was ready to destroy the creations of Dura.


When we speak of life and death, we are referring to totally different stages of living of human beings, however, this was once a single entity of equality, which was later separated, like the bonds of brotherhood between Dura and her brother Annih.

Thousands of years ago the world of Esperia was led by two siblings, on one hand the goddess of life Dura and on the other hand the god of death Annih.

Both ruled with wisdom and their brotherly love beat faster than ever, but this would not last long.

Over the years, Dura's creations filled the world with light and life, and she received much praise and adoration from her subjects, and then Annih began to feel despised and jealous of his sister Dura. Blinded by envy, Annih created his own army of life forms whom he called the Hypogeans and ordered them to destroy all of Dura's creations.

Seeing this, Dura decided to fight against Annih's forces, the battle between the gods, who unfortunately were no longer brothers, and life and death were separated.

The tragedy of separation also caused Dura to lose her life in the war, but despite her death, Dura managed to win the battle by expelling Annih and his army of Hypogeans.

But this triumph would not last long, thousands of years later, the Hypogeans are back, and the brothers' dispute returned to finish what they started.

Who will be the winner? Will Dura's side manage to stop her brother's army? Or will Annih's side be able to destroy Dura's creations that led him to feel despised? The decision is in the hands of the player.

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  • Annih has a resemblance to the grim reaper of Roman and Greek mythology, since both are in charge of death, in addition to also wearing hoods and carrying scythes.
  • The name Annih could be a reference to the word "annihilation".
  • Annih created the Hypogeans by using his own blood.
  • According to the Union story, The Forsaken Family, the laws that bind death have broken into chaos since Annih abandoned his duties as the God of death. This has created The Realm of Denial, a place where lost souls wander about reliving the experiences that led to their death.