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Adrax, also known as the God of the Hunt, is the final boss of The Hunting Fields. Uniquely, he possesses two forms: a normal, gray-brown form and his enraged form; a draconic purple form which Adrax takes on once his health falls below 40% for the first time.

Under normal conditions Adrax is able to mitigate damage. Suffering from multiple Critical Strikes causes his damage mitigation effect to lose its effectiveness for short periods of time. In his enraged form, Adrax is able to deflect part of his enemies' attacks, causing them to lose health.


This is a history lesson of the darkest variety, and has been selectively forgotten; a bloody farce that should not be looked back on.

Long ago, the god of Hunting Adrax used heaven and earth as his hunting grounds and all living beings were his prey. He got bored eventually and launched an unprecedented hunting campaign. After his disappearance, the gods sealed the hunting grounds and never spoke of it again. Now the resounding roars of beasts in the hunting grounds can once again be heard...

Heroes answered the call of the gods, and formed a hunting squad to go deep into the hunting grounds, where prehistoric behemoths lurk in every crevasse and the search for the truth begins anew.

Prey trapped on the hunting grounds have become frenzied and rabid, voluntarily turning into minions of the beasts that used to hunt them. Now they are the hunters, and our Heroes are the prey.

Adrax, the god of the hunt, is both the guardian of hunters and the guardian of prey. In his care, the boundary between hunter and prey has been blurred, and chaos grips the land again as a new crazed campaign sets the stage.

Will you adhere to the old teachings, defeat the minions, hunt the beasts, and destroy the origins? Or do you give in to your desires and indulge in this carnival of blood?


Normal Form

Name Icon Description
Hunter's Resilience Hunter's Resilience.png Passive. Allows Adrax to reduce the damage he receives by 50%. This effect loses its effectiveness after Adrax suffers 20 Critical Strikes, and will return again after 8 seconds.
Tremor Blast Tremor Blast.png Adrax smashes the ground, dealing damage to all enemy targets, while knocking any nearby enemies to the ground, consequently removing the majority of buffs they are benefiting from.
Frenzied Leap Frenzied Leap.png Adrax leaps towards the farthest enemy target, which deals AoE damage to the target and other nearby targets, which knocks them down.

Enraged Form

Name Icon Description
Deflective Skin Deflective Skin.png Passive. When Adrax is attacked, the attacker will lose an amount of health equal to 30% of their attack's damage.
Savage Spikes Savage Spikes.png Spikes shoot up from the ground, hitting 3 enemies at random, dealing AoE damage to the target and nearby enemies.
Infernal Roar Infernal Roar.png Adrax launches an energy ball that falls from the sky which deals damage to all enemy targets, leaving them stunned for 6 seconds.


Adrax's Cell, powered by beacons.

Adrax enjoys buffs by illuminating the 6 different beacons which surround him on his cell. 5 of these beacons correspond to a specific faction to boost the damage dealt against that faction, and the 6th beacon mitigates the damage Adrax receives from hero attacks. The first time Adrax's health falls below 80%, he receives power from his beacons, restoring his health to 80%.

One of the player's goals is to dismantle each beacon by defeating its defenders, effectively cutting Adrax off from the benefits he receives from them.

Name Icon Description Ability
Dawn Beacon Banner human.png Destroy this beacon to hinder Adrax's power Soul Hunting - Light and deal 346,660,000 damage.
Soul Hunting - Light
Adrax deals 1000% more damage to Lightbearer Heroes.
Mighty Beacon Banner orc.png Destroy this beacon to hinder Adrax's power Soul Hunting - Mauler and deal 346,660,000 damage.
Soul Hunting - Mauler
Adrax deals 1000% more damage to Mauler Heroes.
Verdant Beacon Banner elf.png Destroy this beacon to hinder Adrax's power Soul Hunting - Wilder and deal 346,660,000 damage.
Soul Hunting - Wilder
Adrax deals 1000% more damage to Wilder Heroes.
Withered Beacon Banner death.png Destroy this beacon to hinder Adrax's power Soul Hunting -Grave and deal 346,660,000 damage.
Soul Hunting - Grave
Adrax deals 1000% more damage to Graveborn Heroes.
Fusion Beacon Banner cross.png Destroy this beacon to hinder Adrax's power Soul Hunting - Void and deal 346,660,000 damage.
Soul Hunting - Void
Adrax deals 1000% more damage to Celestial, Hypogean, and Dimensional Heroes.
Fallen Beacon Banner mix.png Destroy this beacon to hinder Adrax's power Soul Hunting - Sentience and deal 346,660,000 damage.
Soul Hunting - Sentience
Adrax takes 95% less damage.



  • Adrax's severed horn, "Drake's Horn", can be collected as Loot in the Hunting Fields.
  • According to the description of the loot item "Fierce Dog's Collar", Adrax owns hunting hounds.
  • The loot item "Rotting Blossoms" states that they are his favorite flowers, and it is only them with which he can be calmed.




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