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If you are here, you may be new at this game or may be struggling to make much progress through this campaign which progressively gets harder as you progress but there are small tips that can be given to help you optimise everything if you plan to play without spending any money.


(The Tutorial)

So, you have just started the game on a fresh server and it has put you in a little tutorial with Hogan. This hero will be able to go with you for a little while as it is a decent early game tank and is common enough that you should be able to get its ascension level higher without spending loads of time. You also get another hero which is of common rarity. This hero will not help you much and you want to replace this as soon as you can.

As you progress through this tutorial, you get Gold, Player EXP, Hero EXP, Hero's EssenceGear, and two Heroes (Mirael and Ira) These two will be able to be place holders until you unlock new heroes. There are 12 stages in this tutorial and it wont require too much management. You will have to equip the gear you receive and level your heroes a little to complete this though. Getting your heroes to level  

Whilst completing stages, you will notice that you start to level up and get Diamonds. These are the premium currency in the game and likely one of the most important things you will earn. You can buy more items with this but if you are playing without spending money, it is recommended you only use them for one thing, character summons and more specifically, the 10x pull. Why this one and not the single pull? This is because you are paying for 9 summons and getting the 10th free with this method, allowing you to get more heroes.  

After you have completed the 12th stage, it will unlock the town called Ranhorn. This unlocks a variety of buildings which are all very important. they are going to be explained soon but the one you need to focus on is The Noble Tavern. This is where you summon your heroes. You will be visiting this place regularly early game. After completing 1-12, it will give you one scroll. For one time only, this will give you a guaranteed epic hero. This will boost you a lot and is your next hero to put in your line up.  

(Few extra pieces of information for the Tutorial section) 

The gear will help you power up your heroes through giving small amounts of stats like HP, attack, Defense, Dodge and as you progress, it'll increase your critical hit rating and resistances to physical and magic attacks. 

The Gold and Hero essence are used to level up your heroes. At each 20 levels (after the first few as it levels much easier as you start), they will gain a new ability or new effect of an ability. These effects are beneficial and will help you significantly. Saying this, I would not use it all at once unless the stage is blocking you from progressing. You can gain better heroes and that EXP will either have just stay on that character or if you need it back, it costs 20 diamonds to reset the hero back to level one. It is best to avoid this cost if possible.  

(Progressing through this game by getting diamonds)

Once you have gotten to chapter two, the game allows you more freedom gradually. Your aim here to start with? You want more diamonds, after completing that stage, collecting the diamonds from the quest and getting more character pulls. You should aim to get a few elite heroes in your team as fast as you can. There are a few ways to get diamonds and these include:

  • Every 4th stage you do in a chapter, you will get diamonds through the quests.
  • After unlocking a new hero, you can go to the portrait tab on the hero page to go on the characters story to collect 100 diamonds for free. This is a very limited method as you get 100 per first time obtaining a character. This will help early game though. 
100 diamonds.png

Completing a chapter will give you diamonds and scrolls. These are free hero summons which can be used instantly. 

  • Player level increase will give you 10 diamonds and every 10th level will give you more via a quest and also give you VIP points, unlocking you bonuses like more daily AFK rewards, more chances to do bounty quests and more hero slots. 
  • Daily and weekly quests give you diamonds after you collect a certain amount of points. The daily quest line will give you 100 diamonds and one scroll. The weekly quest line will give you 400 diamonds and 3 scrolls. 
  • After 2-4, you unlock the Arcane Labyrinth which is a series of battles. After defeating the boss on each floor, you will unlock diamonds and rewards. The labyrinth refreshes every 2 days so this is a reliable method to collect these and to get labyrinth coins which can be traded for heroes in the store. Make sure to save the coins for an amazing epic hero. Once you get much further into the game to stage 9-24, you unlock hard mode which has another floor and more challenge but gives more rewards.
  • Once you reach 2-12, you unlock the King's Tower. After you beat a floor, it gives you diamonds and summon stones which unlocks you a random hero in that rarity when you have 60 of them. Every 5th and 10th floor will give you more diamonds with the 10th completing a quest with diamonds.
  • The first week gives you 2 events at the time of writing this. The Boot-camp which you do tasks to get rewards and the Daily Login event which gives you 500 diamonds just on day one which will help you a lot. Keep checking this to get all the rewards as this will certainly boost your progress with free scrolls and the final day giving you epic+ Belinda.
  • Events pop up once in a while which can give rewards like diamonds.

If you do all of this, you will get a lot of 10x hero summons and if RNG is on your side, you will get loads of elite heroes.

(The Store)

There are three stores in the game, General store, Guild store, Barrack store and Labyrinth store. All 3 of these have their own currency and have their own items. 

General store (Refreshes Daily)

This store is open from the beginning and the items will slowly get better as you progress. You can buy gear, dust, arena tokens,

Screenshot 20190817-230ss805.png

enhancement tokens and loot crates.It uses gold and diamonds. Its recommend that you don't buy any of the items requiring diamonds if you are playing free. Those diamonds are better used in summons. 

It is recommended that you buy the daily dust in the store with gold as it will help you improve your characters faster. Also, if you feel that one piece of the armor that is sold for gold will help you, you can buy it but it is not recommended. 

Guild Store (Refreshes Daily)

This store is unlocked once you join a Guild after stage 2-20. It sells gear for guild coins. Guild coins are unlocked by completing team hunts in the guild, defeating bosses which allow you to receive rewards. 

It is recommended you save these coins for a piece you really need from the highest rarity you can unlock. These items will upgrade as you get further in the campaign so the longer you save your coins, the better rewards you can obtain.

Barrack store (Refreshes monthly)

This store is unlocked instantly and requires hero coins which are obtain by retiring common heroes. This is done by going into the Rickety Cart and going to the retire hero section. You can also set it to automatically sell them when they are pulled. This gives dust and coins. 

In this store, it sells heroes and soul stones. It is recommended to get the elite hero soul stones for 18000 Hero coins. This will guarantee you one epic hero. 

Labyrinth Store (Refreshes monthly)

This store is unlocked at 2-4 when you unlock the labyrinth. It sells epic heroes, rare heroes and rare soul stones for Labyrinth tokens which are obtained from completing battles in the labyrinth. 

It is recommended to get the epic heroes which cost 45000 Labyrinth Tokens. These epic heroes will refresh every month so you have a selection chosen characters. This allows you to get those heroes into higher levels even faster.