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A Memory of Lucretia is an animated short that released on the official AFK Arena Youtube channel on September 23, 2020. It precedes the events of Desperation, detailing the circumstances of Lucretia and Owain's arrival to the mysterious village.


Dura called upon Zaphrael to ascend as a Celestial. Zaphrael answered the call but with it, leaving behind his wife Lucretia and their unborn child.

Little did he know that his quest for justice would usher a greater evil upon Esperia.


[Open int. of cabin. Two half-melted candles are lit on the table.]

Owain: [offscreen] Can I hear it one more time?

Lucretia: [offscreen] Of course.

[Trans. to battlefield where a mortal Zaphrael is facing off against Mezoth. Raised swords and flags flank him in the background. Lucretia begins to tell Owain a story.]

Lucretia: [voiceover] War raged in Esperia. Zaphrael, your father, fought valiantly against the Hypogeans.

[Trans. to a shot of Dura standing amidst the clouds, her face obscured by light. Tilt down to Lucretia comforting Zaphrael.]

Lucretia: I knew many no longer trusted Dura, but I prayed to her to bring him home safely.

[Trans. to a shot of Dura's staff shining in the light.]

Lucretia: His talent could not passed unnoticed. Dura invited him to join the Celestial army.

[Trans. to a forest with two broken pillars forming an arch. Zaphrael and Lucretia are standing underneath it as he places an amulet around her neck.]

Lucretia: Before leaving he gave me his amulet as a keepsake, thinking he left me alone.

[Trans. from a closeup of the amulet around Lucretia's neck to it hanging above a baby's outstretched hand.]

Lucretia: But you came! My little hero. You grew up so fast!

[Trans. to Owain playing with a sword in the forest with Lucretia, who holds a shield.

Lucretia: Already wishing to save Esperia like your father.

[The scenery shifts to a bleak landscape, imposing silhouettes filling the background.]

Lucretia: But evil continued to flourish. And one day our village fell under the Hypogeans' influence.

[Lucretia carries Owain through the desolate forest. The scene shifts to a village where the statue of (presumably) Dura stands, lit candles surrounding it. The statue is missing an arm and the face is now obscured by shadow instead of light.]

Lucretia: And that's why we left. Eventually taken in by a generous heart.

[Trans. to the ext. of the cabin. An unknown woman stands in front of the entrance as a beam of light from the inside lights the figures of Lucretia and Owain.]

Lucretia: But we have to be careful.

[Enter back into the int. of the cabin where the shadows of Lucretia and Owain are seen on the wall. The story has now concluded.]

Lucretia: Owain, can I count on you to keep the amulet safe?

Owain: Yes.

Lucretia: Look after it well, my little hero.

Owain: I will always protect you, mama.

[The screen cuts to the same shot of the lit candles. A gust of wind blows them out and the scene ends in darkness.]



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