Chest after fewer than 10 minutes.

AFK rewards chest is a chest located in the bottom-middle of the main Campaign screen. It passively grants a player Gold, Hero's Essence, Hero experience, Player level experience as well as some rare prizes.

Chest after 10+ minutes.

Rewards that are granted from the chest are Gold, Hero's Essence, Hero Experience and Player level experience. Their amount is determined by the players' progress in the Campaign and their VIP Rank.

Chest after 60+ minutes.

Besides that, the player can obtain various pieces of Gear and even Stones used to upgrade the mythic gear. Legendary tier Gear starts appearing in the chest from the 8-9 stage of the Campaign, Legendary+ Gear from stage 11-18, Mythic Gear drops from 16-11 and Mythic+ upgrade Stones from 21-1 onward.

Another thing that can be looted from the chest are Primordial and Amplifying or Faction Emblems. They can be found in the chest from stages 17-1, 18-1 and 19-1 accordingly.

The appearance of the chest will change accordingly to the AFK timer, it will look different at different times since last it has been opened. Milestones in the appearance are 10+ minutes, 60+ minutes, 360+ minutes and 600+ minutes.

Chest after 360+ minutes.

Chest after 600+ minutes.

Table with AFK rewards chest milestones.

Campaign stage Rewards
Chapter 8-9 Legendary Tier Gear Archer weapon 7.jpg
Chapter 11-18 Legendary+ Tier Gear D-L weap.jpg
Chapter 16-11 Mythic Tier Gear Archer weapon 9.jpg
Chapter 17-1 Primordial Emblem PrimEmb.jpg
Chapter 18-1 Amplifying Emblem ApmEmblem.jpg
Chapter 19-1 Faction Emblems CeleEmb.jpg
Chapter 21-1 Mythic upgrade Stones DexStone.jpg
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